World of Warcraft: Addicting? Why and What Are the Consequences?

World of Warcraft: Addicting? Why and what are the consequences?
           World of Warcraft, as many have probably heard, is one of the most addictive games out there. It is no different than pot, cocaine, meth, or even heroine! Well there is one difference, physical and mental addiction, but it’s all the same in the end. You see, World of Warcraft was designed by Blizzard to suck people into the game, and rarely get out. It ruins relationships, childhoods, it ruins you psychologically, and it ruins physically! There is absolutely nothing good about this game, because in the end, you’ve still just wasted the last 8 hours sitting in a chair, staring at a screen, and making fake gold and experience points that don't mean anything. 

           There isn’t anything wrong with getting together with a couple of friends, and playing Halo on your X-box, or Call of duty, because it wasn’t designed to keep you playing for days, weeks, months, and around 75% of the time, years. Have you ever heard of anyone camping out on Halo for 3 years? No, probably not. I found a website, , where people share stories of themselves, friends, family, and boyfriends/girlfriends addictions to World of Warcraft. There was over 48,000 stories on that website alone of people that have either beat their addiction to WOW, or are praying for someone they love to break theirs. And 48,000 is just a small fraction of the people that are still glued to that game, what is it now? 10, 15 million people playing that game? Some where around there.

          I was surprised to find that half of the stories on were about women whose marriages or relationships that were being torn apart by this awful game, some of which gave the men a choice, the game or the loving wife (most were so into the game they chose it over their wives), and some are still praying for the day they finally decide to put the keyboard and mouse up for good. Other stories were about people that have tried to quit dozens of times, but have not had the will or support to do it. But hey? Who could quit on their own when you see the ads for WoW everywhere, or there’s always another expansion pack coming out with 10 more levels in just 6 months! Come on guys hold on! So please, if you know of someone that is addicted, but they don’t have the strength to quit themselves, please help them.

           One story that really hit me on that website was written by a very attractive woman that has been fighting WoW taking over her husband. When she started dating him she knew he played WoW, and made him promise if she would date him, he would never touch it again! And he did promise, for two years he didn’t touch it. Well, 1 month after they were happily wedded he started sneaking out to his friend’s house to play the game. Once she found out she saw that it made him happy and couldn’t fight him on it, so she let him play it in their house. After a couple months, he got so addicted to it he was spending their money to buy very expensive accounts online, and was playing on average 8 hours a day 6 days a week.

           He pulled himself away from her and so she tried desperately to get him back, she tried to spice up their love life, but he would get so into a raid that he would put her off, she tried to travel with him, but he would plead that his guild needed him and he couldn’t, so at last resort, she started to play the game so that she could be with him mentally. After 10 months of playing she was becoming less interested in painting, writing, landscaping, friends, and all of her hobbies. And she hated it. So she threw away her discs and her subscriptions. Her husband noticed this and hid all of his games and changed the passwords to his subscription info. So at last resort she sat him down and had a very serious discussion with him. So with tears in her eyes, she told him, “me or the game.” 

         He thought for a minute and answered, “I need some more time to think about this.”

         She could not believe this and left for a hotel. She knew she couldn’t leave him so she came back the next day to see him crying. He decided to “gradually play less.” At the end of her article she stated that he was down to 3 nights a week and things were slowly getting better.

I don’t know about her, but if I had a wife like that and she didn’t know whether to choose a stupid game or her spouse, I would be gone. 

         I hope this article has been helpful to open your eyes to what World of Warcraft can really do to someone’s life. It can ruin it. If you would like further information on how your physical and mental health deteriorates from this game, or would like some further help on quitting your, a family member, or a friends addiction to this game, there is several more websites that provide action plans for quitting World of Warcraft. Here is a link for a good action plan that I fully support,

Thank you for reading!

Chris Bucklin


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