Why Everyone Lies

We are emotional beings. When we are forced to accept an intellectual solution that denies our emotional integrity, we learn to be dishonest.

When we are born we do not intellectually process information. As babies, we are emotional beings expressing exactly how we feel in the moment. Logic is something we learn and apply as we move through life. These are called learning experiences. For each person, learning experiences are different. Because learning experiences are different for everyone, they are inconsistent. When one person relates a personal experience to another, the emotion applied to the experience is often hidden because it is painful.

We were not born intellectual, but we were born emotional. Our emotions are eternal expressions until a physical experience re-interprets the meaning of the emotion. Once this occurs, the emotion begins to be intellectually defined. This definition is called a loss of innocence. Loss of innocence implies guilt. What guilt implies when emotions are intellectual defined is inconsistent honesty, or basically why everyone lies.

Logic and intellectually defined reason conflicts with emotional integrity. Because we learn through our physical experiences, we learn to give intellectual reasoning a higher ability than the integrity in our emotions. For instance, when we are punished as a child for doing something wrong, we learn to associate our experience as greater than the emotional integrity we were born with. In other words, we were wrong about being emotionally innocent, and must therefore be guilty about who we were when we were born. This is obviously going to bring up a lot of inner conflict. When our eternal emotional integrity is called into question by people we trust, we learn to be afraid of our innocent emotions. Watch a child when they get into trouble for something they have done. They attempt to hide. Hiding implies guilt, and also implies that fear will protect them. It is better to tell a child that they have done nothing wrong when they attempt to hide by taking their hand and telling them they have nothing to fear. These lessons stay with children all their life. The reason why a child’s personality is defined by the time they are 5 is because of intellectually taught lessons, which suppress emotional integrity and bury it within.

Most of the time, children are just experimenting in an attempt to figure out what it means to be physical. Many of these experiments are not necessarily acceptable practices from a physically intellectual point of view. As an example, children do not understand the value that has been placed on money. If a child takes a quarter before they learn it is an unacceptable practice to take what does not belong to them, the experience is one that demands punishment according to intellectual training. Once a child figures out they are going to be punished for being truthful about what they have taken, they also figure out it is more advantages to lie. If this lesson is reinforced by another such experience, the child learns to intellectualize that being honest will not allow them to keep their honest emotional integrity, and so they learn how to be deceitful. This lesson will be used in many different ways throughout the life of the individual. By learning to accept the value of intellectual learning over emotional integrity, the natural integrity we were born with is buried under years of deception.

Children are emotionally honest. Have you ever seen a baby that did not give an honest smile? Now think about how many times a smile you give or receive is less than honest. Now think about how you intellectually define this experience when you give or receive a less than honest smile. What is being internally said is an intellectual interpretation of the experience, and really has nothing to do with a smile at all, except intellectual judgment was given to an experience in the past. How else would you know what this smile meant? A baby just accepts the smile for honesty because they do not judge. Once judgment becomes part of our experiences we use these to define what we believe about our external world. Because no two people judge experiences the same way, we all lie to hide what we believe is unacceptable by another. This does not stop the internal mind chatter. Internal mind chatter is an indication we have disengaged from our honest emotions.

The honest emotions we had as children have been buried within. These have been inadvertently overshadowed with experiences that demand the physical intellect be placed about the eternal emotions of innocent Love we were born with. Until this mistake is recognized, we will continue to try to fix the world with a dishonest approach when all we really need is to speak consistently honest.



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