What is True Happiness?

True happiness stems only from within. You should count on yourself and not other people to make you happy.  Learn to pay attention to your moments of true happiness, once you tune into them, learn to incorporate that into everyday living. People should let go of the little things. Exercise is a must, and if you have the privledge, having sex is the cherry on top!

Happiness is about simplicity and being happy with what you have, in the moment that you have it. Life is way too short to wishing your life was different or someone elses, afterall you are in the drivers seat. Tweak it to exactly what you want it to be.

Dreams do come true for the people who believe they deserve it. The way to be in this mind set is to not take anything for granted. I know it sounds cliche, but do marvel at an intense thunderstorm or a stranger laughing. We can achieve this by ourselves, it does take work and perhaps for some people, breaking some negative habits on thinking patterns. Be sure to get out of your comfort zone as much as possible. This goes along with learning new things, they say that variety is the spice of life. Everyday repetitiveness not only robs the soul of excitement, it slowly kills you as well.

Find someone that can make you laugh and stick yourself to their side. Usually the things we end up arguing over aren't worth it. I am in the quest to find someone that I can laugh with all through life.

As for money, the best things in life are free. Money comes and money goes. We, as a society, should not be so caught up with material things. Re-route your mind to be happy with what you do have: to be healthy, alive, smiling, and be breathing.  So always accept an invitation, get out there and jump into it all, and say screw it to what other people are saying because they are only envious to how you are living it up. You do deserve it all, guaranteed. As for me, easy and breezy living is the only way to go. Stress and worries are for the birds.


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