What is an Eating Disorder and How to Recovery From an Eating Disorder

What is an Eating disorder. Understanding an Eating Disorder. How to recovery from an eating disorder. Eating Disorder Support

Eating Disorders are spreading like wildfire across the globe. Eating disorders come in several forms, Anorexia, Bulimia, and a Binge Eating Disorder are just a few. Whether you or a loved one is suffering, there is no doubt that an eating disorder can ruin more than one life. What most people do not understand, is that eating disorders are more than just difficulty with eating! Other issues that eating disorders cause are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Depression
  • Physical Health Problems (on a more obvious specter)
  • Mental Isolation from the outside world
  • Feelings of Failure
  • Lack of Interest in Anything
  • Lying, Secrets, Dishonesty
  • Ruined Relationships
  • Long-term and fatal health issues 

Sometimes these issues are more destructive then simply the problems with food. Eating Disorders are usually a result of a control issue. Many people throughout their lives may feel at one point, out of control in certain areas. SOme psychologically turn to food s a way to control at least one aspect of their life... their discipline in eating and weight control.

Recovering from an eating disorder can come in many forms. There is one thing however that every person in recovery needs... THE WILL AND NEED to recovery.

Victims of an eating disorder will not recovery if they are only doing it for someone else. They need to recovery for themselves. It can take a long time for someone to realize when they are truly ready to recovery. That is why it is important to be patient in someone's recovery process. Recovering from an eating disorder is a long road, but at the end is true freedom.  

That aside, here are a few small tips and tricks that a person with an eating disorder can use to guide them in recovery. This is not to say that these small little tricks will work for everyone. People recovery and find the road to recovery in their own unique ways. These are just some small helpful hinters that may help during a crisis or slip, and possibly prevent a possible relapse.

  1. STAY BUSY: Eating Disorder Victims have their disorder on their mind 24/7. That is a lot of the reason why those suffering from an eating disorder are extremely isolated and not social. These victims cannot focus or pay attention to anything except their disorder. STAYING BUSY is one of the most important ways to DISTRACT eating disordered thoughts. Get involved in activities, school, or crafts. Keep something in your hands. Get lost in a book. FORCE YOURSELF TO CALL A FRIEND. Even if it is arguing with someone, distraction through staying busy will take your mind off of the disorder for a least a short while.
  2. SomethingFishy.org has truly helped many people find coping skills and distractions. Refer to their list of things to do during a flashback or crisis by clicking here.
  3.  GET HELP: The first step in recovering from an eating disorder is letting go of the control. It takes a long time for a victim to admit that they no longer have control of the disorder. This is simply because, the disorder BEGAN with a need for control! However, eating disorders in reality take your control away. By seeking eating disorder treatment, you are on your way to recovery by admitting that you can no longer control your disorder! NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE with an eating disorder will EVER fully recover on their own. YOU NEED TO SEEK HELP. You can find help by clicking here.
  4. TALK ABOUT IT OUT LOUD: Secrets and hiding your eating disorder will only bring you deeper into isolation. When you talk about it with people, you will be surprised at how many people will stand by you! Be aware however that those you love and talk to may not fully understand what you are going through. Explain your feelings and struggles in detail and be patient with their confusing and lack of knowledge.

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