What is Alcholism: Natural Cures and Advice on Living with It

Definition of alcoholism/addiction

1. drug dependence: a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a potentially harmful drug. 2. devotion: great interest in a particular thing to which a lot of time is devoted  

Now, I am an addict in the definition of number 2, and I am devoted to any number of harmless addictions. Some of these include (but are hardly limited too): Chocolate, watching movies, relaxing, reading and sex (especially when it is goodJ ) However, it has been my personal experience that being around/living with a person whom has the first definition of addiction is not as much fun as eating a Hershey's bar or spending an afternoon quietly reading.

My first experience with alcoholism was my growing up years. My dad was a severe alcoholic, and to answer the question of natural cures for alcoholism I need only tell you a little bit. He died. That would be one of the natural end results of alcoholism-death. My father died at age 56 because he acquired an infection, went to the hospital, and proceeded to go into DT's. DT is short for detox. An alcoholic in the end stages of alcoholism is physically addicted to the drug of alcohol, and without proper medical supervision is very apt to die during the detoxifying process. Alcohol is one of only a handful of drugs that can actually cause death in human beings if the alcoholic just stops putting the alcohol in.

Understand, alcoholism never goes on a death certificate. Most people do not understand this, and even my own relatives become angry when I say that alcohol killed my dad! I guess the reason for the anger is that we are not supposed to talk ill of the dead, but denial is a symptom of alcoholism-among the addict and their family members! This is one of the reasons that it is said that addiction/alcoholism is a family disease. However, consider what actually kills most cancer patients-it is always the complications of a chronic disease that kills. An example of 'cause of death' for a lung cancer patient is often pneumonia.

, but if you have an alcoholic in your life-convincing him/her of this fact may be difficult. After all, most of the adult world kicks back with a beer or other type of alcoholic drink frequently. It is not uncommon for many of us to relax after work or on the weekends with a few drinks, and many more of us have a few drinks if we attend a social function where drinking is one of the activities. So where is the line drawn between social drinking and alcoholism? Many young people in their college years drink almost daily (party 101), but does that make all college kids alcoholics? Not by a long shot; however, some may go on to develop true alcoholism.

My father was seldom a social person-at least, I do not remember him attending a lot of social functions outside of our family. However, he was 39 years old by the time I came along, and he passed away at the very beginning of my senior year in high school. What I am really trying to get through is that he had a lifetime to develop his alcoholism before I was even born! Understand that NO ONE wakes up one day and decides to become an alcoholic or drug addict! Personally, I have never heard a group of young people talking and heard one or more of them say, "I want to grow up and become an addict!" Sounds very amusing when put that way, but people do get hooked on alcohol and other drugs.

It's kind of like smoking cigarettes-when I started smoking, I was in my teens, but here I am later in life and I still smoke cigarettes. I have days where I know that I need to quite, but stopping isn't that easy! I still have whole days that I give in to the cravings for junk food too-like chocolate and popcorn! I believe that a lot of alcoholics and other drug addicts do not see their own addictions! Remember what denial mean? Unfortunately, if you are living with an alcoholic, I’m sure you understand all of the whys your loved one should quit. It is easy to see other's faults, and even more simple if you have to live with a drunk! Please understand-I’m not advocating for you to leave your alcoholic, I just know that it becomes easy to see the other person's faults and not our own when involved in daily life with an addicted person. Knowledge is one of the first steps towards recovery.

I attended my first 12-step program in my teens. It was called ALA-TEEN, and the program is a spin off from ALANON. I’m sure that everyone has heard of the program called Alcoholics Anonymous-AA for short. Both of these other programs are not for the actual alcohol user, they are designed to help the family's of. If you think you are an alcoholic, attend an open AA meeting! There is no program that has had more success helping true alcoholics quit drinking and put their lives back together. ALA-NON is also a 12 step program, but it is designed for people whom have an alcoholic in their lives. This program will help you learn to live with other people's choices, since you can't make anyone do anything that that person does not want to do-this includes drinking and/or the use of hard drugs. There are many programs designed to help people deal with the problem of alcoholism. To find a support group for your unique situation, google AA, ALA-NON, NA (narcotics anonymous), or visit www.sobriety.org. All of these programs will help you find a meeting place close to your home.

Scientists and medical researches say that there is a gene that causes alcoholism and drug addiction. Just having this gene does not make you an addict, but it does follow that if you have this gene you might be more susceptible than the average bear of developing an addiction! I am not an addict, but I have an older brother whom has spent almost all of his adult life in the prison system because of the consequences of his alcoholism and addictions. Does he regret some of those actions? Of course he does, but many adults have regrets-you cannot go backwards in time to rectify your past mistakes! When that cure is invented, please send me a direct e-mail so that I too can take advantage of that type of cureJ I have heard it said that the other natural cure for alcoholism is jails or institutions.

I do not know if I carry this gene, but just growing up in a home ruled by alcoholism and/or addiction can have an effect on how one views relationships. Two of the best authors I have ever read on the subject are Claudia Black and Melanie Beattie. I’m sure that your local librarian would be able to help you find books by either one of these authors if you desire more info, and I would be willing to bet that you could even find some of their works online if you search for them. My truth was that even though I did not develop an addiction, I married a man that did. This is extremely common for kids that grow up in alcoholic/addiction homes. Why? I’m not sure, and I had been married for many years and had children before I could break my own denial. I had to attend support groups and therapy eventually to break that pattern in my own life. There are 12-step programs for adult survivors as well. I found two programs that were particularly helpful to me in the situation I was in. CoDA is a group for co-dependency and there is also a spin-off from Al-Anon for adults that were raised in alcoholic or addiction environments. In my own situation, I rarely attend any meetings now, but I know that I needed all of the help I could get at one time in my life to deal with the situation I was in. I still do daily readings from a meditation called Days of Healing, Days of Joy which was a piece of literature I obtained at a CoDA meeting more than 10 years ago now. One sentence from today's short reading summarizes what recovery from alcoholism/addiction or living with the sometimes devastating effects of it means to me today. "Recovery is a spiritual walk." Please understand that I am not pushing any kind of religion on you, but all of us are creatures with spirits or souls inside.

In conclusion, I’m not sure why you asked the question, "What are natural cures for alcoholism?" Obviously it is a question you wanted an answer for-I hope that I have given you some of the answers that you were looking for. Just remember that life has ups and downs, but each one of us are really only responsible for our own actions-not the actions of others. This truth is somewhat difficult to live with if you love an alcoholic or drug addict, and seeking out help is a first step in improving your own quality of life. Good luck!

Alcohol is a drug

An alcoholic is a person whom is addicted to alcohol, and what does addiction mean? ad·dic·tion [É™ díksh'n](plural ad·dic·tions) n


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