TREES in Dreams - Meanings and Interpretation

Discover the different meanings and interpretations of TREES in your dreams.

Trees very simply are messengers. They represent a person, a spiritual being, and one that provides wisdom and knowledge to a worthy seeker.

Trees can also represent nature in its most simple form, as well as a very valuable asset to what brings us life. Trees can also represent mother Earth and the breath of life.

Everything about the tree in your dream means something important, from the health and thickness of the bark to the size and color of the leaves. Here is a simple and short guide that can help you understand what the tree in your dream means.

A Single Tree

A single tree is significant. It represents a specific situation that pertains to an individual. A single tree that is large, full of foliage and has a huge and healthy root system denotes longevity, wisdom and tapping in to a source of life that has witnessed many centuries of change. It also represents good health, strength and protection.

A large tree that has little to no foliage and appears sickly denotes that the person needs to take better care of themselves. Perhaps their environment has created illness and disease. And yet perhaps the illness resides within the mental and emotional self. A short or inadequate root system represents poor growth or lack of support from those who raised them and were meant to guide and protect them. A large root system that appears healthy even though the rest of the tree appears sickly or even nearly dead represents a dark time in a persons life, yet they have the strength to regenerate themselves once again. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

A large tree that appears to have been burned, say by a wildfire, represents a cleansing and rebirthing process that is presented to the person in a natural way. Perhaps the person has been grieving over the death of a loved one, or is grieving over significant change. Fire represents cleansing. Now if the fire has been intentionally set by arson or is a chemical fire, then it should be considered that the cleansing comes from a negative experience that someone or something from the outside has created. This would also be considered something avoidable, although it still has caused damage. This could also be a warning to the dreamer that they need to be wise in a situation that could blow up in their face if their not careful.

Now, small trees represent the same thing but on a smaller scale. Small trees or saplings that are experiencing this can represent a couple of things. It could be representing a child or children. And it could also represent the very beginning of a situation.

Small trees as well remind the dreamer to keep a situation small, in the event of a conflict or discovery. The healthier the tree, the more positive the situation. And the more leaves on the tree, the more of an effect the situation will have on the person's life.

Fruit Bearing Trees

As they say, what is rooted in a situation will bear fruit of some kind. So be mindful of what you choose to allow to grow within your life, and also be mindful of which seeds you plant in the minds and hearts of others.

Healthy fruit represents success and a fruitful outcome. Rotten fruit, especially when it's rotten from the inside out, denotes a sour tone to a situation. Be careful then, of what you invest your time and energy into. It may not be worth planting that seed in your life.


Fruit that is frozen due to an early growth in a chilly spring season represents trying to push something before its due time. Perhaps a financial or personal matter is being pushed when patience should be applied instead. So, pull back the reins and remember there is a season for all things. Don't act too soon; it may fall apart before it has the chance to mature.

Fruit that hasn't ripened but has already fallen on the ground can represent impatience and inflated expectations. Allow things to come into its full season so that the fruit your situation will bear will be given the time it needs to come into a ripened season.

Flowering Trees

Flowering trees often symbolize the springtime in a dreamer's life; new beginnings and a fresh start to what life has to offer.

Healthy flowering blossoms represent a promise of new opportunities so take the opportunity and say yes to it. This is your time to act and take the steps needed to achieve. The more blossoms, the more the opportunity will be a positive experience that will have a rewarding outcome.

Flowers that have already matured and are falling from the tree represent an opportunity that has nearly passed you by. So grab it while you can before it's gone.

Few flowers on a tree still denote a positive situation although the opportunity may be a little more difficult to grab hold of. Perhaps it is a job opportunity that others are competing for. Or perhaps it is a mate that is already receiving interest in other suitors. Take action but recognize there is more competition which creates more risk.


A Group of Trees

Different from a forest, a group of trees, such as a small cluster can represent group efforts and partnership. One affects the other and decisions that are made by one, ultimately affects others.

Trees that are grouped too tightly together that can create a suffocation of growth represent a situation or people that don't understand the need for boundaries which can create an unhealthy dependence.

A group of trees in which there is one large dominant tree with other small trees sprouting from it, can represent family dynamics. Depending on the health and condition of the trees can denote the health of the family group.

A group of trees that are spread out usually represent having a support system but not being smothered by it. It also speaks of a person or people that are independent and like to spread their wings but haven't forgotten who's important in their life. It can also represent people who keep an eye out for others but don't interfere in a situation unless they are called upon.


A Forest

A forest that has been allowed to grow naturally on its own can represent returning to one's natural self, especially when seeking emotional fulfillment and spiritual enlightenment. Returning to nature is important, especially for those who live and work in a concrete world.

A dark overgrown forest speaks of needing to trim back on the things in life that no longer serve a purpose for growth. Declutter and simplify things, or it will darken and suffocate the soul.

A forest of trees that have been planted in rows can represent a person's life being shaped by the hands of others. Everything they do has been rooted by others actions. Closely lined trees can also represent soldiers, people of military action or war.

A forest of trees that has been cut down denotes waste and destruction that could be prevented. It also speaks of the need for moderation. If what gives you life is extinguished, life can no longer be sustained.

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