There's a Happy Child in All of Us

Are you tired of the mundane? Have you lost the excitement of life? Has your love affair gone bland? Are you irritated at what others do? Maybe it's time for a change.... Professional counseling can be helpful, however, a change of attitude might change your life.

When I see children at play, I would often wish that I had their energy. I would see them laughing freely and easily at what most adults would call ridiculous. I would see their heightened expressions and smiles with the acknowledgment of learning something new. We all have seen the boost in their confidence when they manage to build a house out of blocks or made their tricycle move; even taking the trash outside seemed to prove their importance and abilities. Playgrounds, (do I need to say more) no worries, just having fun. Children usually seem so loving when they hug family, friends, pets and some are filled with so much love that even a pole might get their affection. As adults we accentuate our childhood behavior, perhaps it's time we had a happy childhood.

We begin going to school and, as we progress through our education, we realize a sort of "pecking order" is being established. Peer pressure seems to be the catalyst for many of the changes we make. We all want to be accepted and in some cases, admired. In adolescence, we face many character-forming challenges. As adults, responsibilities begin to wear on us. Success stimulates the drive for higher expectations and failure can diminish our confidence. Both, success and failure, can augment our ability to enjoy life. Wealth doesn't mean happiness, I would prefer wealth AND happiness. If I'm forced to make a choice, it would be happiness. Having money without happiness is like being all dressed up and no where to go.

To release your inner child from bondage, here are a few suggestions: As often as you can, put your maturity and adult ego on the shelf. Take time and the patience to play at their level. Realize that silliness and imaginative situations can exercise your fun muscles. Be thankful if they draw a picture for you, they want your approval and it shows you have theirs. Playing the fool isn't foolish if it brings a smile. Consider it a challenge to put a smile on a smug face. Find the inconsistencies of life amusing.  Open the doors to communication with tolerance and understanding for what you hear. Find success in making someone's day (or life) better. If your desire is to make others happy, you won't dwell in misery.

Have you ever noticed that the elder part of society is fixated on sharing their memories? The creation of valuable memories to share will, someday, be our most prized possessions. Everyone appreciates kindness and it can be a pinnacle in your memories.  Allow me to share one with you: I was ten years old and my brother was seventeen. On the way to the basketball court, we saw an eight-year-old crying on his front steps. My brother asked me to wait and I stood there, listening, while holding the ball. He started talking with the boy, then began joking with him until the boy was laughing. I learned his name was Brent and we became good friends. At eighteen, Brent was killed by a drunk driver. Of the many things I appreciate about my brother, is that, he made at least one day of Brent's short life happier. Make a memory and smile.

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Posted on Nov 29, 2008