The Game Called Love

Ten games played by people on the make.

Ten ritualistic love and sex finding partner games.

Hide and Seek

We are all familiar with this ritualistic game. The seeker is either the male or the female who is looking for a love partner. That has to be a conscious effort to look for a partner. Now, where that looking takes place determines the lookers intent. Once he has chosen his place to look then he seeks. When he points out with his eyes or other gestures of interest, he is obligated to tag his selected partner. In other words he makes it known to everybody that he has ferreted out his intended. The found partner then by her actions either just nods and shows no interest and says, bye or shows interest and stays with her discoverer. This first step in the love game can be crucial

Cock and Hens

The rooster or the cock deliberately makes friends with many, many women. He showers each one with attention and is deliberately calculating in letting the other hens know that he is a rooster. If they stay past his initial first date they are tacitly agreeing to his play rules. If they try to balk and he isn’t willing to let them go, they have got a problem. You can avoid going out on a first date with a rooster. His attitude is slick and practiced. He makes no overtures at building up your ego and his definitely doesn’t need any more building up. He tells you where you are going and what to wear. He is that confident that many women really don’t mind being part of his harem.

Serious Minded Men and Women

Their love partner is someone they have heard other people talking about and their curiosity is aroused. They approach their target with shyness and ask if the other party would like to go out for a cup of coffee or something and they always pair it off with so and so said you were a really nice girl. If you don’t feel comfortable at being as cold and calculating as that person, say thank you but I have a headache.

Contrived Meetings

You are invited to a seemingly harmless coffee and sweets party at someone’s house and they just happen to have a son in the shadows. The love game with that person is probably amusing to onlookers as these two love bugs are both shy. They usually find their way, though.

An Odd Man Out or Blind Man’s Bluff

The lovers have both had other lovers and they both know it. They communicate by feelings and body heat, literally.

The Professional One

and continues for years in the professional setting. These lovers can get really steamed up in corners and water coolers but the amusing part is they usually keep it in the professional setting. They are extremely protective of each other and that adds to their secret love game as putting chocolates secretly on each other’s desks and others.

The Single Woman-Married Man Game

The single woman is usually naïve about sex and partners. She is lulled into thinking that the charm and assuredness of her partner is because he is charming and not because he is experienced. Run! don’t walk, from that type of individual and if you can go to another state and change your name, ride it out and age into a bitter old woman.

The One Most of us Dream About

The partners meet at work or at church or on vacation and they click. Their lives from first contact is intertwined and they marry, have kids and live happily ever after.

Totally Sexual

and both sides know the score.

Played by Divorcees and Widowers

The object is to find a wealthy late life partner and to use him to attract family and friends.


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