The Facts About Bipolar Disorder

This is an article about Bipolar Disorder, what the symptoms are, what causes it, and how its treated.

Bipolar is a major mental illness that affects many, many people worldwide. It is also called "manic depression". It is a mood disorder.

Bipolar causes many symptoms that can interfere with a person's life such as severe mood swings.

It is important to know that there are many reasons to be hopeful about the future. People with Bipolar Disorder can learn to manage their illness and their symptoms and lead productive lives.

Bipolar is usually diagnosed based on a clinical interview and an assesment done by a psychiatrist. In the interview, you will be asked questions about your life, your symptoms, and how well you are functioning in all areas of your life.

Most people with bipolar experience Mania, meaning an extreme high. People who have experienced Mania have reported the following symptoms:

1. Feeling irritable all the time.

2. Talking excessively

3. going on spending sprees

4. racing thoughts

5. sleeping less

6. Feeling extremly happy

7. Being extremly active

8. being easily distracted

9. Having bad judgment

Most people with Bipolar Illness also experience periods of depression. The symptoms of depression are:

1. Feeling sad all the time

2. Feeling tired all the time and not having any energy

3. trouble concentrating

4. Feeling guilty for things that you shouldn't be guilty for

5. Feeling hopeless and worthless

6. Eating too little or too much

7. Sleeping too little or too much

8. Suicidal thoughts or actions

Bipolar Disorder is nobody's fault. Scientists believe that it is caused by a chemical balance in the brain. Bipolar can also be inherited, meaning it can be passed down from one family member to another. Stress is also believed to cause the onset of the disorder in some people. Many questions about the disorder still remain unanswered.

One medication that they use to treat Bipolar is called Lithium. It helps reduce mood swings, including mania and depression. For reasons that remain unclear, many medications used to treat seizures such as Depakote also help to reduce the mood swings in Bipolar.

People usually develop the first symptoms of bipolar when they're a teen or a young adult. They can also have their first symptoms when they are in their 40's or 50's. Bipolar affects people in different ways. Some people have a very mild form of the disease and only have a few symptoms. Others have a very strong form of the disease and have to be hospitalized several times. People can also learn to manage their symptoms through attending therapy sessions. With effective treatment, most people with bipolar can learn to live productive, meaningful lives.

If a person does have Bipolar Disorder, they should not feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. There are even some famous people with the disorder. Patti Duke, an American actress who had her own television series and has starred in movies such as "The Miracle Worker" has Bipolar Disorder. Vincent Van Gogh, who was one of the most famous painters who ever lived also had bipolar. Robert Boorstin was a special assistant to president Clinton. His work was highly valued at the White House. He had Bipolar too.


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