Support Group for Survivors of a Loves Ones Suicide

Suicide support group for loved ones.

Parents, children, siblings, spouses, friends and even co-workers experience sadness, guilt, shame, confusion and anger when their loved ones commit suicide. A support group in San Antonio exists to help people dealing with the loss of a loved one through suicide. The group is called "Survivor of Loved Ones' Suicide" and was started by JoAnn Chavez and Pat O'Brien, whose sons committed suicide in the 1980's. The meeting is held at The Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health on Ewing Halsell Drive.

According to the Survivor of Loved Ones Suicide (SOLOS) San Antonio Web site, the group is peer-led and non-denominational, so anyone who is looking for support may attend. The Web site states that 33,000 American people from all walks of life commit suicide every year. This number does not include failed suicides or attempts that led to serious injury or a coma.

The meetings are held twice a month and everyone is welcome, whether you lost someone to suicide recently or years ago. Although discussions at the meetings are helpful to many, attendees are not required to participate if they are not comfortable doing so. SOLOS San Antonio emphasizes that everyone has a different grief journey and the path for each surviving loved one must be respected.

There is no cost to attend the meetings and members have access to a large library filled with articles and books that can help with the grief process. SOLOS San Antonio simply asks that the materials you borrow be returned so others may have access to them as well.

Although the peer moderators are ordinary people who have survived the loss of a loved one through suicide, each one has undergone training provided by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

SOLOS San Antonio is an adult group and although anyone is welcome to attend, the group warns that some discussions may be inappropriate for children. The group can recommend excellent support groups tailored specifically for children who have lost loved ones to suicide in the area that will have more appropriate subject matter and better resources aimed towards grief in children.

Survivors of Loved Ones' Suicides (SOLOS San Antonio)

The Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health

8310 Ewing Halsell Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78229

210-616-0885, ext. 313 (JoAnn Chavez)

Web site:


The support group meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm except on Federal holidays.

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