Steps Toward Living a Healthy Life with Bipolar Disorder

Steps to living a health lifestyle with Bipolar Disorder

Despite statistics stating that individuals with Bipolar Disorder struggling to lead "normal" lives, there are critical and foregoing steps that allow one to contribute much to society, aside from living in a uncontrolled frenzy of mood swings.

As a woman living with this particular illness, I know first-hand the necessity of certain points I must take on a daily basis to avoid a return to alcohol/drug abuse, hospitalization and personal self-loathing.  It is possible to learn to accept and strive beyond the endless stigma.

1. Medication.  It is imperative for anyone with Bipolar Disorder establish a solid repore with a psychiatrist and receive medication.  This illness stems from a chemical inbalance wherein only the proper medications may stabilize.  Of course, there are dozens of medications on the market related to controlling any mental illness.  Each case is different.  No one medication is meant for all.  Therefore, it is crucial to discuss your symptoms and be very knowledgeable of this disorder. 

2. Support.  It can be extremely difficult to explain to friends and family the extent of living with Bipolar Disorder.  Support groups can be very beneficial if you feel the need to reach out to others who experience the same issues.  A spiritual advisor may also offer great support and comfort if your faith is important to you.  Therapists specializing in Bipolar Disorder allow one to express themselves in a safe environment.  All avenues are positive possibilities.

3. Positive outlets.  70% of Bipolar Disorder individuals are alcoholic/drug addicts as a result of trying to deal with the anxiety, mania/depression and general frustration.  While medication works to stabilize mood and anxiety, one may still continue to experience these instances.  The mind races constantly, which, in turn, is why individuals turn to an immediate way to calm their thoughts.  Exercise, art, music, reading, yoga are all ways to escape the thoughts and focus on sensations.

4. Routine.  Bipolar Disorder individuals work much better with daily routines, especially solid sleep patterns and scheduled medication times.  Too much free time causes the mind to wander even more, leading to increased anxiety.

Bipolar Disorder is not a curse.  It is controllable with lots of work and effort.  Life can be beautiful if you are willing to take care of yourself.


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