Smoking Can Shorten Life Expectancy of the Smoker and Non-Smoker Around Him

Smoking can shorten life expectancy of the smoker and non-smoker around him. Warning to young smokers.

According  to a medical doctor there are at least four hundred toxic substances in tobacco that are released and absorbed through the lungs and the respiratory passages when a person smokes.  Studies show that tar is the mosy harmful of these substance which causes cancer, nicotine increase blood cholesterol and carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen that the red blood cells can carry.  Furthermore, survey shows that the most common cause of death associated with smoking is not cancer but cardiovascular disease, the main underlying cause of strokes and heart attacks.

Studies shows that smoking is also the cause of eighty percent all cases of chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD).  It is characterized by blockage of airflow in to the lungs making breathing difficult.  It is a progressive disease that ultimately leads to agonizing death.  Researchers believe that smoking also worsen asthma; contributes the development of cataract and other eye disease, impotence (in men), peptic ulcers and ow-back pain.  Furthermore, according to researchers a stick of cigarette shortens a person's life by about ten to eleven minutes while a heavy smokers, his/her life expectancy is reduces by seven to eight years.

Smoking Can Shoten Life Expectancy of the Smoker and Non-Smokers Around Him

Smoking can shorten life expectancy-not only of the smoker but also of non-smokers around him/her who inevitably inhale his/her smoke.  Researchers cited that smoking harms not just the smoker but those around him/her because a second hand or passive smokers  are equally risk for the same illness.  According to studies, infanticipating mothers who smoke can adversely affect their babies inside their wombs.  Smoking has been found to be a principal culprit in miscarriage, infant death syndrome, lower birth-weight and sickly babies.  But there's still time to quit smoking.  leave the pack behind has been the theme of WHO against tobacco.  According to a renowned author, giving up smoking is easier said than done, since we know that nicotine is powerfully addictive.  According to a medical doctors for precious life's sake, each smoker all over the globe must be reawakened and re-enlightened.  Furthermore he cited that some medical treatments has been found effective.  Nicotine as well as non-nicotine medicines such as bupropion can double quitters' chances of succeeding.

Warning to Young Smokers

Researchers at the University of California have found that those who start smoking early in life are at greater risk of developing lung cancer than those who pick up the habit at a later age.  According to a team of researchers,  it's the age when smoking starts that is important , it didn't matter if they were heavy or light smokers.  What matter is that they started young.  They believed that those who smoke at an early age are more susceptible to lung cancer.  They think that it could be because the developing lungs of young people are more sensitive to  the most harmful effects of tabacco smoke.  Furthermore researchers pointed out that those who begin smoking at an early age tend to be  heavy smokers.

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