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Reading; a love hate experience. Learning to love to read

In this day and age of electronics and computers why would anyone choose to take the time to read? Maybe that isn’t even the issue, maybe you are intimidated by books. Maybe you want to read but just don’t know where to begin. It could be, like for most people, time is a factor. Reading is time consuming for some when it takes hours just to read a few pages. For others it seems just to difficult to concentrate on the pages with the kids running around, it’s similar to going to a theater and trying to watch a movie but there is a baby crying in the audience.

Reading, believe it or not, is one of the great stimulators out there. It stimulates your imagination, it stimulates your comprehension level, it forces you to sit still for a few minutes or hours and it can push your mind to levels that you didn’t even know existed. Reading opens up worlds to you that you didn’t even know existed because there isn’t a movie producer painting the characters or the landscapes. The only things you see are the things you can visualize in your mind and the landscape and personas are a blank canvas until you open your mind to the writer.

The writer simply hands you a paint brush and palette of words and asks you to paint along with him. No matter how the writer hands you the word palette the canvas is still blank and you can paint the canvas any way you truly desire. It’s subjective how you see the words and choose to paint them on your canvas. That’s the real beauty of reading, yes the words are set down on paper but how you choose to see the way the words are put together is entirely up to you.

The other great thing about reading is you don’t have to choose to agree with everything the writer says. It is entirely within you to visualize things differently. Yes the writer may, much like the director, inevitably have control over the ending of the story and the story line in general. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with their particular turn of events. The thing that reading is so great about is it forces you to think in terms of your mind.

Try picking up a book and just force yourself to read the first 50-100 pages. If you simply can’t stand it or follow the story line, don’t give up. Pick another book and try again. Somewhere down the line you will find a book that simply fascinates you and makes you want to read another one. If you keep doing this you will find yourself reading every chance you get. Given time you will be able to zone out that crying baby in the audience and wrap your head in the book. Some readers I know can multi-task. They can listen to music and read, read on a plane during the worst turbulence, read when someone else is driving, and some can actually read while there are several screaming babies right around them.

Reading is nowhere near as intimidating as some think. If you have trouble with it just give the first 50 pages a try. If you hate it simply move on to another one. You’ll be amazed how much it increases your vocabulary, decreases your use of spell check and opens up your imagination.



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Alma Galvez
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Posted on Mar 25, 2010