Positive Thinking: Staying Positive in a Negative World

I am not the most positive person in the world, that is for sure, but I try to force myself to be more positive and look on the bright side of any situation. Although at times this can be very difficult for anyone, including me. The most helpful thing I can say to myself in a negative situation or when I’m feeling bad or stressed out about something is simply “Everything happens for a reason.” Whether or not we know or can even understand the reason at that moment in time may not be clear, but we should all put our trust and faith in the simple fact that everything in the world does have a reason and a purpose for happening.

Other than knowing this simple, yet profound truth, there are other ways we can encourage ourselves to be more positive in a fallen world. Here are the best tips I’ve found to help yourself keep smiling and have that positive attitude in your mind:

• Sign up for a daily dose of positive quotes / news / information. By signing up for an e-mail delivered to your inbox everyday with a positive quote or positive news/information on the world you are giving yourself at least one small moment of reinforcement to your positive attitude and reminding yourself that everything is not bad. A small positive e-mail can make a big impact on your attitude for the rest of the day. You could buy a calendar that has daily or monthly quotes to remind yourself in this way too. Also, you could of course read the Bible or a devotional at the beginning of each day to remind yourself to be optimistic and to bring joy to your day and life. Here are some great e-mail services to sign up for to give yourself a healthy dose of optimism each day:

Positive Quote of the Day: http://www.attitudemedia.com/subscription.php

Christ Notes (Daily Bible Verse): http://www.christnotes.org/

Positive News Network: www.positivenews.net

Positive News US Edition: http://www.positivenewsus.org/

Only Positive News: http://www.only-positive-news.com/

Positive & Inspiring News From Around the World: http://www.selfgrowth.com/news.html

• Learn to take the bad with the good. Accept the fact that life will not always be good and life will not always be bad. There is always some form of balance. Things can only be bad for so long before they get better. There is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to make it through and stick it out until you see that light. Never, ever, ever give up. Never lose hope. Do not give in to hopelessness. Remember that today is just one day and tomorrow is a new day. What seems or feels so dramatic at this moment may not seem like anything tomorrow. You probably won’t feel as strong about the situation a month or year from now. Time always changes things and with time you will slowly heal from hurt. You may never fully heal, but it will get better with time. There is no use dwelling on bad things or worrying about the past, it will only hurt your present and your future. Try your best to learn from your past and not repeat it.

• Remember that life is a game of cards; you can only play the hand you are dealt to the best of your ability. Everything in life is a gamble, you will not always win, and you will not always lose. It is how you play that hand that will determine how your life plays out.

• Stop before reacting to a situation and take a minute to try to rationally think it through before you speak or go off. Count to fifty if you have to or even walk out of the room or take a walk before you react to something or someone. Instead of reacting, be proactive in a situation. Try to think it through completely before tackling the situation with a bulldozer, when all you need is a small shovel.

• Consciously decide to control your attitude. This is a conscious decision since we have free will. You can choose to be negative and think everything that happens is bad or you can choose to see the positive and that there may be a good opportunity that comes from a bad situation. Some of the best ideas have been thought of in times of hard frustration, overwhelming feelings of negativity and depression. People with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their back can be extremely happy in life because of their mindset, while people who own every possible thing in the world remain miserable in a fruitless pursuit where they will never find true happiness, only fleeting moments that are really meaningless and vapid.

• Your attitude really is EVERYTHING. “Attitude determines your altitude” is a very true quote. Your attitude can shape your entire life. If you are always looking at the negative side of life, then that’s all you will see. If you are trying to see the positive then you will see the positive side of life too. If you look at the bright side you are more likely to take positive action and have a positive mindset that will ultimately make your life happier and better for you.

• Find something that will make you happy and make you laugh. Everyone needs to be silly sometimes and act like a kid again. Laughing can keep you on a positive mindset. Watch a funny movie or television show. Spend time playing with kids, making funny faces, running around outdoors and doing whatever else it is that makes you smile. Choose to be happy today. Make up your mind for once and all time to be and stay positive!

I am not saying that just because you see more of the positive in life that the negative things will not exist anymore. That is the furthest from the truth. You should not dwell on negative thoughts or emotions or any kind of negativity in your life. Evil and negative things will continue to exist until God decides to end all evil and banish it for eternity. Until then, remember that God wants you to be happy and wants you to stay positive and trust that ultimately there is a good plan that will come forth in your life and everyone’s life. If you feel depressed or negative all the time you should seek professional help from a counselor or psychiatrist, where you will be able to talk to somone who can help you come to terms with negativity.


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