Physical Changes Happen in the Middle Years Roughly from 35 to 65 Years

According to a medical doctor, the middle years span roughly from 35 to 65 years. These years can be stressful. Know the physical changes that happens in this years by reading more...

According to a medical doctor, the middle years span roughly from 35 to 65 years.  These years can be stressful. Physical changes happens in this years such as:

  •  Height begins to decrease gradually as a result of changes in muscle and connective tissue, as well as bone  density.
  • Metabolism slows down.  This means the person eats the same amount of food- the same calorie intake but still gains weight.  Thus the person must eat less or exercise more.


             Being obese becomes a problem in the middle age years

  • Decrease strength.  Strength begins to decline through the late adult years.  Studies show that strength increases to a maximum level through the mid- 20s then declines.
  • Menopausal symptoms.  For married women who are in the mid-life years, they will experience menopausal symptoms.
  • Slow down Hair growth.  Some may even get bald.  The solution is to have a hair tranplant, or accept one's baldness.  According to a researcher men do not lose their masculinity by being bald.  Yul Bryner and Telly Savalas were bald but it did not diminish their masculinity.

              Being bald


  • Natural moisturizers dry up.  The solution is to use lotion or an appropriate moisturizers.
  • Women losing sex drive. Her husband may become more lazy in terms of sex drive.  This due to the decreases male sex hormone- testosterone.  A medical doctor commented that he doesn't consider that a problem, especially if the husband and wife are close in age.  They will be both experiencing changes in their bodies, so they can both adjust together the doctor added.

During one's middle years according to a renowned author, the person becomes more aware of the imminence of death.  The person realizes there is not enough time, so the person asks himself or herself- what have I done?  What have I achieved?  Is there still enough time or is it too late?



A great lecturer shares the following dos:

  • Do narrow your life focus.
  • Do take care of yourself.  Pursue activities that give you pleasure.
  • Do accept your feelings and experiences.
  • Do confide in a friend these feelings and experiences.
  • Do pray. The final advice, pray to God.  Have a relationship with the Lord.  Take care of your physical health and have a positive attitude in life.  Love your job and enjoy your work.

The don't are:

  • Don't take instant action that you will regret.
  • Don't try to solve it all at once.
  • Don't be a victim.
  • Don't blame others.
  • Don't deny your feelings.
  • Don't turn to drugs or alcohols for relief.
  • Don't isolate yourself.

Beauty comes from within.  When one is happy, one looks younger; a frown definitely add years to your face,  We cannot escape the ravages of aging, but we can always maintain a fresh, youthful outlook.


                De Leon, Emmanuel,"Mastering the Middle Age Years."  Miscellaneous Weekly 30 Mar 98


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