Motivations, Goals and Achievements

People who go through life in a state of stagnation become non performers.It is essential to change one's attitude and motivate onerself, set some realistic goals , make the necessary preparations to achieve these goals

If we were to look around us, we would find that most people go through life almost as if it is a job that needs to be done. They do the same things day in and day out, not looking beyond this somewhat boring routine. In fact, one can say that they stagnate, without trying to change or better their prospects in life. People who go through life in a state of stagnation become non performers, and , they have many ready answers for their kind of life style .

Some of the reasons that people normally give for their non performance are..

1, My job is no good, it is not interesting nor paying.

2, My Children are too small..

3,I have no time- I have a time constraint

4,I have no resources

5,I have many financial commitments..

6, I do not get any co-operation from my spouse.

The above reasons coupled with a negative outlook towards life makes a person depressed and this commonly leads to failure. It is very essential to change one's attitude towards life and motivate onerself, set some realistic goals and go forward to make the necessary preparations to achieve these goals.There are certain facts that are essential for a person to know about behavioral changes and life in general.. 1, If you are a sad depressed and negative person, chances are that you attract only such people, who in turn make you more depressed - thus begins a vicious circle! 2, Whereas , if you are motivated ,confident and have a positive outlook towards life, chances are that you attract people with a similar bent of mind and this in turn makes you more confident and competitive, enhancing the quality of your life. 3, Never show or mentally accept that you are a failure, as it can be demotivating to not only yourself, but also to your family and others around you According to statistics, 96% of the people are not sure of their goals.

It is essential for a person to have goals in life and work towards them. One should dream and set goals with a deadline to motivate oneself. Then start targeting and fine tuning one's dreams and then putting it into practice. Try to evaluate yourself dispassionately and honestly. This way, you know your weaknesses and your strength. Try to know your area of excellence . Do this by putting yourself to test, so that you know your area of excellence, as to how good you are in doing a certain thing or handling a certain situation- and try to better yourself further.

Try and break the monotony of your existence.. Try to bring in some pleasant changes into your life. Being perceptive and disciplined can help you in bringing some changes which can make your life interesting and exciting. Try to write down your goals and plans on how to achieve these goals. Start working on these plans .I am sure our life is bound to change however little the achievement may be. Everyday spend some time on trying to put your dreams into action, start planning various action plans to achieve your goals.

But never compromise on some basic values while trying to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

1, Never compromise on happiness within your family - try to get their support and acceptance , so that they are aware that certain actions are necessary for the future happiness of the entire family.

2, Be ethical - No matter what, never go into unethical practices, it never pays nor does it make you happy !

3, Financial freedom - It is absolutely essential that every person has financial freedom, and he or she works towards it.

4,Take good care of your health. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Nothing in life can be enjoyed if you are suffering from poor health and lack of proper nutrition. So taking care of one's health is very essential in life...

5, Try to keep yourself motivated all the time by setting certain goals and working towards them .

This should be a continuous process , no matter how young or old you are . This is what keeps one going- Motivation, Goals and Achievements..

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