Mind Power: Lessons To Learn From A Surgeon

Learn how wishing and visualization does nothing for you or your business or the world--you must put forth actual effort.
Recently the wave of mind power and "spiritual money" is flowing everywhere like air flows everywhere; these people want a way to create money from nothing and get all their desires accomplished with nothing. You cannot create money, nor can you attract things to you; only gravity attracts things, and you do not have enough gravity to attract those things to you--and even if you did, those things would already have a legitimate owner. The second thing people want is more performance based on mystical thoughts. It's true the Universe is far beyond our comprehension but what we want so bad is well within our limits and you do not need to pray, meditate or visualize what you want, you just need to do whatever you have to do to get that thing.

For example, surgery is such as amazing profession--those doctors have people's lives in their hands; one mistake can kill a child, baby, adult, senior. Here is how the surgery goes:

The surgeons get ready by doing their meditation in order to calm their minds and in order to access spiritual beings.

1. The leader surgeon asks all other assistant surgeons to close their eyes.

2. Then they start visualizing the patient being opened very slowly with no amnesties.

3. Then they all must visualize the organs being worked just with their minds.

4. Finally the leader finalizes the process with his great visualization skills.

5. They all open their eyes and report how well the operation went.

You see no mysticism leader doing this, much less to himself, nor do you see this procedure is any sane hospital--so why do you keep on visualing money, success, power, wealth, business success? Are you trying to move things with your thought? According to Edgar Cayce it's possible and in Tibet some monks can do that and then some, but it's much more efficient to move things with your hands or machines than with your mind.

What you want so badly you are willing to give your life to get can be accessed just with your analytical mind if you keep on working on the way to get it, and that way most of the time the distance to success is that of knowledge.

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