Measuring Leadership

What is a Leader and what is REAL leadership?

What is leadership?

There are so many different descriptions, and most of them depend on the view of the beholder. Leadership, in it's simplest description, is the ability to lead. To lead what? That is the real question. To become a REAL leader, one has to ask themselves, "what am I leading?" or "who am I leading?"

If we are suggesting that leadership pertains to a persons career, then leadership becomes the ability to lead others into a profitable return. It also requires the ability to be a self starter, who is ethical, compassionate and firm. These are the same skills required from a leader in schooling, recreation, sports or home life.

But to really break it down further, we have to take a step back and realize that REAL leadership, has nothing to do with ones ability to lead others or complete tasks. No, leadership, in it's essence, is the ability to lead ourselves. To be the leader in our own life, to take the initiative to live well and lead ourselves in a direction that brings us more positive situations.

Anyone can learn to manage other people. Everyone can learn to fit in better. Anyone can gain skills to be better organized. The real trick is to find that energy that gives you the strength to lead yourself, regardless if anyone else follows. True leadership, is the ability to make your own choices, recognize your right for freedom, fight for your self discovery and to not follow anyone else. Authentic leaders cannot be discovered by quizzes, tests or symptoms. They can only truly be tested by how they live their lives. Do they only do things that they see or hear about others doing? Are they constantly worried about what others think? Are they only confident with others agree with them or follow them?

These questions won't point out a leader all by themselves, but they well help you get in the mind frame to decide if you are in the presence of a leader or not. The rest is left up to their spirit and your intuition. Which really were the only two deciding factors in the first place. The only other clear way to point out a true leader, is to watch their life unfold.

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