Managing Teenage Obesity Effectively

Rising incidence of teenage obesity has been a cause of concern in the western world. Here are some simple tips to manage obesity in teenagers

Fat Burning Exercises for Teenagers

Inconsistent and irregular lifestyles, undue work-load, a sedentary way of living with no exercise, erratic dietary habits and escalating levels of stress have a damaging and unfavorable impact on one’s body.

The end result is weight gain and obesity. Here are a few effectual exercises and certain dietary prescriptions that help will help teenagers lose weight quickly, easily and naturally.

Fat Burning and Weight Loss for Teenagers

  • Cardio-vascular exercises such as – jogging, brisk walking, running, and swimming; significantly enhance circulation of blood, increase the heart rate and successfully burn superfluous and unsightly fat.
  • Walking an exceedingly effective option for weight loss. Walk whenever possible: to the college, to your friend’s place, take the stairs as an alternative to the elevator, etc.
  • Swimming works powerfully on your entire body. It helps tone up the muscles and eliminates unwanted fat.
  • Dancing is a fun way to lose weight
  • Running or jogging every morning gives your metabolism a huge thrust. Consequently, a perked up metabolic rate burns loads of fat.
  • Abdominal exercises are very important when it comes to fat burning and weight reduction, more so, since, the muscles of the abdomen are one of the most crucial groups of core muscles. When you exercise the muscles of the abdomen, you significantly enhance core-muscle strength and bring about appreciable fat burning.

Fat Burning Foods

Make sure your teenage child includes the following in her daily menu:

  • Bell peppers: research says, bell peppers actually burn deposits of fat by boosting your body’s metabolic rate. Once the metabolism gets boosted, you can get rid of pounds of superfluous fat, easily, naturally, and rapidly. Make sure you consume one bell pepper daily.
  • Oats: oats are one of the most important foods in a weight loss diet. Oats are packed with dietary fiber, particularly, beta D glucan. This soluble fiber, increases satiety level, makes you feel fuller faster and for longer, thus effectively prompting weight reduction. Have a bowl of oats with low fat milk for breakfast, for speedy results.
  • Cinnamon: cinnamon is a very effective spice that is known to speed up weight loss by augmenting the metabolic rate. Have one pinch of powdered cinnamon, three times everyday, preferably on an empty stomach.

These are some wonderful fat-burning exercises and fat-burning foods for teenagers that successfully help get rid of unwanted and ugly fat depots; achieve an ideal body weight and a lean and fit body.


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