Live Everyday with an Attitude of Gratitude

Early in life, as we begin to form words or teach our children the language we speak, we focus on the basics of language. That invariably includes the “magic words”, “please” and “thank you.” But have you ever thought of giving thanks as prayer?

We know from the teachings of Jesus, that no “miracle” was ever performed without Jesus first thanking God for answering prayer. More specifically, He often thanked The Source of all creation for already answering the prayer he was about to lift to the Universe. So what are we to learn from this?

We say that God hears and answers prayer, and this is true. We know that what we think is in fact a form of prayer, causing us then to always be praying. In this way we are co-creating with the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe. As we put out the thought or idea we are “seeing it accomplished.” As we do this, we are bring our dreams into manifestation. Simply by thinking about what we desire and knowing that God is our source, we give shape to our dreams. Add to that an “attitude of Gratitude” and you have the perfect receipt for prayer that is likely to bring forth your greatest desires.

So what is an “attitude of gratitude”? It is a consciousness of staying in a place of Thanksgiving all year long! Even in those areas where we feel things are not the way would like them, when we are looking at a bank account that is dwindling, or when we fearful of future events because of some darkness we believe is looming overhead. If, even in those times when all seems dismal, we can give thanks, we will see the shaping of lives shift and the manifestation of good. It is not always easy to grateful for areas of our lives that feel less than perfect, however, chances are good, if you take the time to look and reflect on those areas, bless them and trust that God is always at work for our greater good, the good even within the darkness will be revealed.

It is important to remember that even if we fell our prayer is not being answered, we search for the ways in which good is coming to us. In our time of Prayer and meditation are we listening to the still small voice within. Perhaps you are being guided and are missing God’s cues. Divine Ideas may be coming to us, to understand how we can go about obtaining that which we need or desire.

Take time to simply give thanks for that which is desired before it even manifests. Open yourself to seeing ways in which God directing you, leading you, guiding you. See your prayer already answered. Stand in Gratitude. Bless that which feels not enough, or individuals in your lives with which you are having struggles. Even if through gritted teeth you bless your “enemy”, in time you will find your jaw relaxes and you are softened in the act of blessing that person. An attitude of Gratitude and Blessing, only increases that which we desire.


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