Interpreting Dreams of Water

Water dreams represent feelings and emotions. Everyone experiences water dreams with water themes, and they can be very revealing when it comes to our emotional state of mind.

Everyone experiences dreams with water themes, and as water dreams represent emotions, they can be very insightful. Water is needed to sustain life, so a water dream can also represent emotional nourishment.

Water dreams are most common during times when emotions are heightened such as an eminent wedding, change of residence, emigration to a new country or a life threatening surgery. In the interpretation of all dreams and particularly in water dreams – how you ‘felt’ has great significance.


Larger bodies of water such as oceans, lakes and rivers may imply greater depth of emotion, while smaller pools of water may imply small residual feelings not yet resolved. Memories associated with these entities are also symbolic.


To see calm, clear water in a dream indicates inner contentment and peace. It is especially auspicious if it is a large body of water such as an ocean, which also indicates being in touch with spirituality.


Muddy water is symbolic of muddy emotions about situations which may be causing feelings of confusion. When clear water dreams take over, previously unresolved situations will be ‘clearer’ in the conscious mind also.


A stormy sea may indicate that you feel angry about something or threatened by forces outside of your control. Struggling in rough water often indicates feeling overwhelmed by emotions.


Frozen water represents frozen emotions or not being in touch with emotions. It may also indicate holding onto grievances with another person; freezing up or withdrawing feelings. It is symbolic of ‘stopped’ emotions.


A lake represents an emotional group. A waterfall often represents emotions on the edge, which must empty into a main pool; a cleansing of negative emotion, re-energizing, and a return to peace.


A calm sea may show inner contentment and peace of mind. A stormy sea with many waves may indicate that you feel angry about something or threatened by forces outside of your control.


Rain in a dream foretells improvements that will bring joy, such as a sense of freedom from a failing relationship (tears). Dreaming of being soaked by a rainstorm denotes prosperity through an emotional loss such as an inheritance


Swimming or floating in clear water bodes well for emotional fulfillment. Swimming with other people in clear water indicates emotional support. Swimming lengths of a pool implies building up emotional stamina for a long-term commitment.


To dream of walking on water indicates total control over emotions. It also suggests needing to ‘stay on top’ of emotions and retain emotional control. It is also symbolically a dream of emotional confidence.


To see water rising around you, or you are struggling in water indicates feeling overwhelmed by emotions, often through a lack of communication. To dream of being lost at sea represents an overload of emotions giving rise to confusion.


Being thirsty in a dream indicates a craving for emotional enrichment. Being able to quench your thirst is a sign of achievement. If the drink is sweet it may represent a sweet relationship, whereas if it is sour, it may indicate a challenge.


To dream that water is boiling, suggests that you are expressing some emotional turmoil. Feelings from your unconscious are surfacing and ready to be acknowledged. You need to let out some steam.


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