Interpreting Dreams of Fear

Dreams of fear may be daunting, but often give us insight into our lives and relationships.

Every dream is unique and personal to the dreamer. There are traditional dream symbols and themes for many cultures. There are also dreams common around the world which cause - fear.

Dreams which cause fear may be presented with different types of imagery, but present a similar message. For instance, being chased may seem a very different type of dream to that of being naked, yet both often hold very similar meanings.


Being chased in a dream can be quite terrifying, and even at the very least, mildly fearful. This type of dream, unsurprisingly, usually evokes a sense of fear. People react to fear by either taking ‘flight’, or by choosing to ‘fight’. Feelings of vulnerability, insecurity or inadequacy are often the reason for this dream. The purpose of the chasing dream is to encourage the dreamer to face up to fears in waking life, with accompanying images often giving clues to the source.


Dreaming of death can be very disturbing, especially if it is a dream of your own death. However, dreaming of your own death usually indicates a transition rather than physical death; marking the end of a phase and the beginning of another. The death dream is primarily about ‘change’, or the fear of it. Dreaming of the death of a loved one often symbolizes fear of losing them. It can also indicate a part of yourself that you felt was represented by that person, has died.


Most dreamers experience the feeling of falling from a great height many times a year. Falling dreams are very similar to chasing dreams, echoing feelings of vulnerability, or not being able to cope. These dreams are particularly common to people who are in a position of responsibility; the fear of losing control. They are also quite common when people feel they are not being understood or accepted; a lack of self-confidence, a fear of failure or an inability to cope with a situation.


Dreams of being naked often symbolize our anxieties and feelings of vulnerability about an aspect of our life. It usually includes feeling embarrassed, especially if it is in a public place. Around strangers this symbolizes feelings of separateness from society; of fearing an inability to ‘fit in’. Often it indicates, feeling ‘exposed’. Sometimes it can also indicate that the dreamer is considering ‘baring all’ for the approval of others.

As fearful as some of these types of dreams may seem, it is good to be reminded that they are messages the subconscious mind sends to give better insight into our lives and relationships.


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