How to Use Law of Attraction to Get Success in Life?

The simple definition of 'law of attraction' is that 'YOU GET WhAT YOU BELIEVE'. What you believe in influence your actions and the things that you attract into your life depend on your actions. If you are looking forward to be successful, you should have

The simple definition of 'law of attraction' is that 'YOU GET WhAT YOU BELIEVE'. What you believe in influence your actions and the things that you attract into your life depend on your actions. If you are looking forward to be successful, you should have a strong thinking or feeling of getting success and you can get it. Law of attraction is for everyone but we are not aware of the secret behind this law.

What is the secret behind it and how to get be successful in life? This article is about the basics of this law, how to apply it and at the bottom of the page many site with valuable information, real life stories about successful people using law of attraction and much more.

The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest.

The Law of Attraction, is undoubtedly the strongest of all the Universal Laws. To put it in few words “Like attracts like” or “That which is likened unto itself is drawn”. It means that whatever we focus on by means of our thoughts, we will have it in our life. If we focus on what we want we will attract it, on the other hand, if we focus on what we don’t want we will attract it too!

The Law is very simple. Our thoughts are very haphazard and short living. For instance, when you say “ I want a brand new trendy sportscar”, the same moment the Universe begins deliberations for your wish to become a reality. But then in the same breath you say “But I can’t afford it” and you dispel all that Universe was deliberating to make your wish come true.

Now that you are aware about the mechanism of the Law, make use of it. When you wish for something, say , a sportscar, but feel you can’t afford it become aware that you are transmitting thoughts which convey the message of scarcity. So you end up with being more scarce. So by changing our thoughts and emotions we can use them like a magnet to attract what we want.

To give another instance, let us consider money. You have been wanting money for a long time now. Just examine what you feel each time you think about money. Do you feel happy, elated or do you end up angry and disappointed? You may be even envious of those of have it. My experience says that most people are always emotionally confused when it comes to money. You need not worry. No matter how sad or frustrated you have felt, you can still change it. Just consciously practice the Law of Attraction by altering your thoughts and feelings and you will have money flowing into your life soon.

The Law of Attraction is a guiding beacon for everyone who wants to change conditions of his/her life. You just need to understand how this law works and use it to your benefit. Initiate activities to alter your thoughts and you can change a lot of things. What you should be aware is the kind of emotions and feelings you garner on a particular subject.

Visualizations is a tool that is very easy to use. You can use it by dreaming or writing your goals about what you see yourself in future. Another way is to create a dream board. Place anything on these boards – words, pictures, places, money etc. feel each of the item as you place them on the board. You have to see yourself in the role you have imagined. Feel that you have already achieved it. This is a core and crucial concept to make the law of attraction and visualization to bear results for you.

You have to apply some basic steps in order to make the law of attraction work for you for example you want success in life:

  • you set up very clearly your final goal, in simple words and a deadline.
  • you take at least 10 minutes in the morning when you wake up and 10 minutes in the evening before going to sleep to do your affirmations and visualizations
  • you stay detached on your outcome, happy, content, grateful, and extremely faithful

It can be very useful to create your own vision board where you put all your goals – that is a reminder of what you set up and it makes the visualization easier.Use your mind to put together things that you want to see in future. It will not happen immediately, but the law of Attraction will give you results for sure.

Few quotes:

We are like magnets - like attract like. You become AND attract what you think

Thought = creation. If these thoughts are attached to powerful emotions (good or bad) that speeds the creation

Choose your thoughts carefully .. you are a masterpiece of your life

Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming

Life can and should be phenomenal .. and it will be when you consciously apply the Law of Attraction

More quotes at: 100 quotes from "The Secret" (Law of Attraction)

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