How to Tell if Someone is Lying

Know and remember these simple steps and you will be on your way to become a human lie detector!

Lying, everyone does it at sometime in there life, at least once. Wouldn't it be cool if you knew how to tell if someone was lying or not? These are a few simple telltale signs that someone or you might not be getting the truth.

One question you have to ask yourself before you really understand how to tell if someone is lying, is why would this person lie to you? What are trying to get out of out, maybe nothing, they might be afraid of being punished, or just plainly they are afraid they are going to lose your trust. You must be totally aware of the other person's motivations for lying to you, this might include what you might do to them if you knew the truth. A child might do this to avoid being grounded is probably the most common example of this. Now on to some things you can look for to tell if someone is lying.

Remember how they talk normally, the very first step to reading a liars body language is that you know their normal conversational habits. (Normal hand and eye movements). Also they will sometimes "freeze up" not quite facing the other person and will move as little as possible, but some people are the opposite and are over dramatic and try to sell the lie. A lot of the time people have a really hard time lying to someone looking them straight in the eyes, they will seem to look away more then usual. "Looking up and to the right" this simulates the part of your brain associated with imagination, like making things up to make it more simple, and looking up and to the left simulate the part of your brain associated with recalling memories, such as telling the truth. People also tend to touch there nose of cover their face or mouth, these are habits from childhood. Notice if there is any rise in vocal pitch this is a product of stress and lying can cause this. Another way you can find out if a person is lying is ask, this is very risky and if the person is telling the truth they may be horribly offended. Sometimes though the liar will want to come clean if they are given a chance to, also if they think about going on about this lie while you know they are lying it will be far worst then just admitting it.

So remember these simple tips and you will be on your way to a human lie detector!


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