How to Spring out of a Slump

Sometimes, especially this time of year when it’s raining, snowing, storming, hailing, and just generally miserable, you might start to feel a little miserable yourself. It’s not a big deal – everybody gets down sometimes. And like the old saying goes, the sweet is never so sweet, without the sour. This basically means that, to fully appreciate good times, happy times, you have to experience not so good, and not so happy times. Ok, times that downright suck. The true measure of character is how you emerge from these periods where you’re down – how you rise out of your ruts, become productive, and turn things around. Allowing yourself to stay in this slump is unacceptable. Learn what you need to learn during this sad period of discovery, and then use it to your advantage. Here are some positive ways to spring out of a slump in full force.

  • Just smile! Even, and especially if you don't feel like it. Just the action of smiling creates charges of endorphins in your system. It's a trigger for happier feelings. Steal away for a minute or two and grin like a maniac in front of a mirror. Make crazy huge smiles and hold them until your face hurts. If you feel like laughing at your own silliness, then go for it. Take that positive energy, harness it and

  • Exercise. Go for a quick run, roll out the yoga mat - whatever type of exercise you most prefer. Exercise also stimulates endorphins. Plus, being proactive about being healthy and, dare I say, hot? What can make you feel better and cheer your mood more than that? I love exercising to boost my mood, because I find that after, I just can't stay down. I'm too busy congratulating myself on how organized, responsible and pro-active I am, making the time to fit in a work out.
  • Do something for yourself. Don't be a martyr! Don't be that person always running around, doing things for everyone else and never taking time for yourself. You need a little downtime once in awhile. Go for a massage or spa visit, if you're willing to spare the funds. Buy tickets to see your favorite sports team - if you can't find anyone who's free for that night, call up Big Brothers or Sisters - and bring a young child to enjoy the experience with you. Some free ideas are to have a bubble bath, or even curl up with an old favorite movie in a comfy pair of pajamas.

My final piece of advice  to cheer yourself up is to remember that we're all human - everyone feels down sometimes. Don't beat yourself up, and just relax.


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