How to Read Someone Elses Mind Know What Theyre Thinking

How to read someone else’s mind – A few tips to read other people and know what they’re thinking

She tells you that you’re the only one for her even though she can’t explain where she has been for the past five hours. You feel a slight swirl in your stomach, but your ego takes over and reassures you that you have not been deceived, but are the victim of jealousy. Meanwhile her breathing is heavy, palms are sweaty, arms are folded, she has trouble making eye contact while she stutters and stammers her way through her performance.

Most people are oblivious to anything that may disrupt their picture of themselves and what they think they and others should be. Clouded by our massive egos, we fail to see what is before us. Body language is the way by which our bodies communicate our true intentions. It is virtually impossible to completely and constantly alter your body language as it is a subconscious transmission. Our conscious mind ignores these queues unless we deliberately spend time and effort watching out for them. Both within ourselves and others.

The ability to sense deception is a common trait. But, unfortunately, most of us do not listen to that inner voice guiding us. For those interested, but closed to the idea of following your inner sensations and feelings there is the language of the body. The most noticeable signs of deception are: aversion of eyes, folding of arms and/or legs, stuttered speech, repetition of phrases.

When we lie we find it very difficult to look someone in the eye. Therefore when confronted with someone averting their gaze, shifty eye movements, or closed eyes, you can be pretty sure that they are hiding something. Either their true intentions, opinions or the truth. As with everything, there are the exceptions to the rule. If the subject is a habitual drug user or has a mental illness, these would disqualify him/her from these signs.

A classic sign of deception or that the subject does not agree or hold the same view as you is crossing of arms and/or legs. If in the middle of a conversation, someone folds their arms while you are talking, it could be that he/she does not agree with what you have said. If this occurs while they are talking, he/she is holding back an honest opinion, the truth or does not enjoy the subject. The exception here is if it is cold then this gesture on its own is not enough to prove their duplicity.

Stuttered speech as well as the repeating of phrases tells you that the person is hiding something from you. The phrase that is subject to stuttering and repetition is usually the clue. Again, the exception would be if the person stuttered under normal circumstances.

To make an accurate assessment of another person’s true intent, their subconscious queues need to be clustered together and a reading needs to be made with as many queues as possible. Consciously evaluate others’ body language as well as your own and soon it will become second nature.


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