Make Yourself Look More Intelligent by Keeping Good Eye Contact

Keeping good eye contact makes you come across as "somebody" to everyone you meet.

You have known the power of smile from my previously published Factoidz article “How to make a good first impression with your smile”. You must know your eyes also have the power to explode people’s passions. Keeping good eye contact is the conventional wisdom for you to come across as "somebody" to everyone you meet. It is another one of your most powerful weapons when you use it appropriately. Big winners know intense eye contact can be extremely beneficial, especially between different sexes. In business, strong eye contact packs a powerful hit between women and men.

There is another function for intense eye contact. In addition to raising feelings of respect and affection, maintaining strong eye contact gives you the impression of being intelligent. The more eye contact, the more positive feelings. Increased eye contact motivates feelings of intimacy, although it is not so between men. Some men feel offended when stared at too long by another man. Other men felt menaced.

Your profound gaze initiates an emotional reaction in people. When you stare intently at someone, it increases their heartbeat and shoots an adrenaline-like substance flooding through their veins. This is the same physical reaction people have when they begin to fall in love. And when you start to increase your eye contact, even during social interaction or normal business, people will feel they have allured you.

You can use the following eye contact technique when men talk to women and women talk to men or women. Glue your eyes to the eyes of your conversation partner. Don’t stop eye contact even after she or he has finished speaking. When you must look away, do it as reluctantly and slowly as possible.

What about men’s eye contact? When talking to men, you can also use the eye contact technique mentioned above. Just make it a little less sticky when discussing personal matters with another man, lest your partner feel threatened or misunderstand your intentions. But remember to do increase your eye contact slightly more than normal with men and a lot more when talking to women. It is a message of respect and comprehension. To most people in our culture, profound eye contact is the signal for trust, knowledge, and an “I am here for you” attitude. You will come across as a sensitive and caring person. It will change your life and the feeling of people to you.


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