How to Increase Your Metabolism?

Do You Need to Increase Metabolism?

What is metabolism? It is basically the way your body works to burn the calories. Metabolism rate differs from person to person. Some people have fast metabolic rate and others have slow metabolism. Fast metabolism is always helpful to lose weight quickly.

It’s a large number of chemical reactions which are going on in our body. We are always in a constant state of energy metabolism. So how does metabolism work? For example, when you are thinking that’s huge a part of metabolism. Carbohydrate is used a lot in our brain when we make decision or we read something. Exercise is a part of energy metabolism and it speeds up our metabolism. Food digestion and absorption also actually burn calories and take energy when we eat foods and digest it. Growth is another part of metabolism. Children sometimes just get to eat a lot of food because they need lots of energy, nutrients to grow. They need energy and nutrients for the development of their skin, bone and every other aspect of their body.

When we become adult we often shedding skin, bones etc. This is a ongoing process of shedding and rebuilding. So we automatically burn energy to maintain our body and health. Reproduction is another area where we spend a lot of time burning our metabolism. So when women get pregnant their body use energy metabolism for that area.

Another part is acclimation to various environments. When you are in harmful environment and your body is trying to get rid of some toxins or you are just moving to different environment, you eat foods that have grown in different environment – your body try to adjust in those environments using energy metabolism.

To increase metabolism you need to exercise daily and should go to the bed same time every night. You should not eat any high carbohydrate snack, caffeine, alcohol before going to bed. When you are working you need to take short breaks in between to refresh your mind and body. Another important point is having a good breakfast. Do not skip your breakfast or do eat unhealthy breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast and avoid caffeine completely at the breakfast. Try to be happy every time. It decreases the stress and thus good for metabolism. Do not drink alcohol it is bad for the health. It decreases energy levels. So do not drink alcohol or limit the intake of it. Last but not the least – you need eight hours sound sleep at night. A good night sleep recharges your body and it’s the best way to get refreshed. Good sleep is great for metabolism.



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