How to Grow and Feel Positive About Yourself

I must inform you that infatuation with anyone or anything is never a good thing. I will tell you this, if you are obsessing over this guy, you probably have way too much time on your hands. If anything, you should know that the sun should not rise and set on this one being. I would try focusing on other things in your life; things that have meaning and value, things that help YOU as an individual to grow and feel 100% positive about yourself!

Faith in yourself and God, not in others

I will be honest with you; there are many of us who put far too much faith in someone else and not in ourselves. I say this because it is so easy for us to invest faith in other individuals, only to be severely let down. There is nothing wrong with having faith in a person, just don't invest all of your faith in an individual. We are human beings first and foremost; a human being will let you down, perhaps not on purpose. Sometimes we become infatuated because we feel we don't have much else to look forward to in our lives. We exist in a vast universe; we receive what we put out. It would be great to invest your time and efforts into yourself for a change. I don't go to church often, but Christ and God are what keep me together. It is very important to have faith. Unfortunately, things don't go our way or work out when we want, however, if you set back and observe; you will find things work themselves out.

Hobbies, Crafts and just plain old self development

We all search for things that make us feel great physically and emotionally. I truly believe that each and every day on this earth opens up more opportunity for us; depending upon how open we are to positive influences. Find and focus on that which intrigues you the most. What are your goals, your aspirations, and your desires? Do you have special skills and talents you can develop? If so, nurture them; use them to make yourself happy. Hopefully you don't put off things. If there is a certain city, state, or country you have wanted to visit, by all means, go! Enjoy yourself, life is too short. Your skills are your life, invest in them! Make your own destiny and your successes. We were put here on this earth for a reason!













I'm hoping this advice has helped you. These are all things that have helped me throughout the years. I pretty much go with the flow of things, achieving results on a daily basis is what make me strive for the next day.


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