How to Get More out of Your Life; 10 Tips and Thoughts

Life is probably one of the most confusing concepts I have ever pondered for a long period of time. With my constant research about how it originated, where it is now, and where it is going to be; I find myself grasping onto some main concepts that I think everyone should enjoy. Here are 10 Tips and Thoughts on how to get More out of your own life:

1. Let go of your ego. It is a very unmeaningful part of our persona. It creates drama, and holds us back from actually solving the problem. For example, look at all of these people on Reality TV shows. They fight a LOT for public television. As a matter of fact, they make up the entire show! Without the drama, there wouldn't even be a show. Why is everyone so interested in the messed up things people hold with themselves, taking it out on others? Seems abolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

2. Stop to look at the stars, or moon. (As there is a full moon tonight =]) We are Still very much caught up in this fast-paced world and lifestyle, that we don't even pay any attention to our True surroundings. Those are things that absolutely No ONE can take away from you. They never change form, or deceit, or confuse, or make jealous. And the great thing about nature, is that it is what you see it to be.

3. Enjoy some form of Art in your life. Art is a great means of self expression. It is a form of limitless possibilities. It can be absolutely anything you want. A beautiful song from the crux of your soul, a gorgeous paint concoction on rectangular canvas, a show of lights dancing lighltly on the gutters; anything. As long as it comes from your heart, the pit of your being, then you know it is true and I believe it to help make your whole person, whole.

4. Ask questions Constantly. I think this is one of the most important things a person can do to help keep your mind going and from turning into a mindless economic zombie. It helps sharpen one of the best tools a physical being is blessed with, their brain. Making constant inqueries and theories can always show your self your true beliefs and feelings, helping your real, true person announce itself to the world.

5. Diminish all secrets you have kept. I believe that there should be no secrets between anyone. No matter what sort of secret it may be, somone else doesn't know about it and chances are they should. No matter what the secret, I think it is wisest to reveal it. It can do wonders for your life; as if you are breaking free from constraints of rope tying you down to a bed of insecurity.

6. Always stay in touch with your family. No matter where they are or what type of family, you should always keep in contact with them. After all, they do know you best. Whether they are directly related, distanct cousins/aunts/uncles, a group of friends, or whoever. You grew with them and they will know you very well therefore you can relate very easily and keep your spirits high and connected.

7. Create and manage your own business. If you have the will-power, energy, and time to make a business you definitely should do so. It is a great learning experience for people to develop better concepts of a market industry. It will always be around, giving many peopole great things like clothes, food, water and shelter. There is nothing like being your own boss and is something everyone should have the luxury of doing. As long as there are people, there will be businesses so keep your eye out for great ideas that take you by storm.

8. Listen, read, or watch anything that you come across in a day. Analyzing anything you can is a great way to retain information. Knowing your surroundings can put you in a great security zone keeping you connected to the world around you. Look at everything with an unbiased opinion; or look at both sides of the coin. One side is Just as important as the other, no matter what the thought. It is a thought and since someone wanted you to see it then you shouldn't even hesitate to pay attention. Everyone and everything deserves it or else they/it wouldn't be here on this earth.

9. Meditate. Meditation is a VERY helpful tool in keeping a person well-rounded and true. It is a time where you can do, fix, create anything in the world. You can heal your incurable disease, fight off an army of sadness, or conquor your greatest fears. Inside all of us our the perfect qualities we all posess. It is our basic knowledge of right and wrong and it can fix every one of your problems. Asking yourself for help, or foregiveness, or maybe even some love. Self love is a great way to heal your heart if it is broken or in the process of growing.

10. Stop watching so much TV. There is a lot of garbage out there on the tube, and a lot of it shouldn't even exist on there. I believe TV should be for educational uses only. We dont need to gorge ourselves of food and ignorance from a box full of wires and liquid LCD. Quit eating twinkies and getting lost in the idiotbox; so much so where you are obese like half of America. The United States was not founded by a bunch of fat people, so why live here if you can't represent the true nature of the country? We are a country of pride, new beginnings, and change. If we are the people, in order to form a more perfect union between human beings; let's esablish justice and ensure domestic tranquility.

These are just some things I found useful in helping to get more out of my life. I hope you take these tips into consideration and look at both sides of each story. Then decide for yourself if you can actually handle the truth. The true person is the hardest to achieve, but have you forgotten how easy it is in the end? You feel slightly accomplished because you finished reading this to end, so now what else can you accomplish with the rest of your day?

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