How to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

First of all, I'm broke right now so I really have no choice. Some of the simple things I enjoy are watching t.v. What kind of shows do you like? what are your interests? Don't pretend to like things because you think they are right. Be honest with yourself.

Try taking a drive. Maybe get lost. Remember every road leads to somewhere. You'll also learn new ways to get some where that you may never known were there.

Volunteer at an elderly home. It's very rewarding to spend time with a lonely person and you might (probably will) learn something.

The most simple and rewarding things in life are free. Some people think by doing the right thing they will earn a reward. Well, this is true but they might not realize the reward is knowing you've done the right thing.

Help someone in need. Clean out your garage and donate the items to a homeless shelter. People will appreciate this and you'll feel good about yourself.

Adopt a pet. No one loves you as much as your pet. To them you're God. Plus you'll have a new best friend.

Become a big brother. It is very rewarding.

If you're more about yourself than go get a massage. I love massages. For a guy it was kind of hard at first to get past the whole going into a spa thing but you feel like a million bucks after you're done.

Take a day vacation. you obviously have a computer so look online for close motels/resorts. They are very accomodating.

If you're short on cash go to a local hotel and use their pool and jacuzzi. They usually charge you something like $5 or $10 for the day.

Go see a movie. Everyone loves a good movie and it kills time. Plus you feel like you've done something.

Feed the ducks at a park. If you have no park, go to a burger king parking lot. My ex-wife and I loved feeding the seagulls. lol

Look online for places that need volunteers.

Don't think too much. To be simple, you can't always be thinking.

Slow down and take time to enjoy what's around you. Take time to look up. Clouds can be beautiful. You get the point. Hopefully some of these ideas will brighten your day, or someone elses

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