How to Cope with Recurring Retention Issues.

Mindset is what is used to make your work experience better than the usual because if there are no work psychology involved, then the work experience feels boring and furthermore dissatisfied. Having these tips can help you cope with retention and memory

Whenever we are at very delicate work situations wherein we would need to be at our best perfomance, sometimes this would be hindered due to a lot of things like perhaps heavy workload, a very toxic environment or even sheer ridicule for the amount of work that you can do. There are ways that you cope with this condition, a condition known as Recurring Retention. Recurring retention occur when during the work process, you have forgotten the tasks that you are supposed to do, and it bogs down your condition to further having a minimal mindset.

1. Rest well 

Resting well is the best medicine and the best caffeinated solution for your work-related problems. The psyche in this is that you will feel more focused in your work compared to having lesser hours. 8-10 hours is the appropriate amount of hours used for sleeping. Sleep well and you will be rewarded well. 

2. Psyche yourself

Like in certain internet communities, no matter how much the clients will call out your mistakes, have that "IDGAC" mindset that simply means "I don't give a care". Understand that what they are expressing is sheer confusion within themselves and not towards you the person, but to you as a work provider. Always psyche yourself no matter what the odds are.

3. Kaizen to Kanzen Chouwa

The two philosophies are more of an intrinsic value for yourself. Kaizen is a philosophy where there is constant improvement. This is not dependent on the people around you, but this is something you have to do this every time. The "Perfect Harmony" (完全調和) or simply known as Kanzen Chouwa, where it was taken from a Television Show character's catchphrase. The Perfect Harmony is where everything you see is perfect and harmonious for you, but if some hitches come into play, just organize those errors and fix them along the way somehow every single day. Not one day should you ever rest on your laurels, you continually update and improve yourself each day by instinct. For 21 days you will be doing this out of instinct. And forcefully learn every new thing so you wouldn't lose on a chance.

Anyways, to keep things short, never forget to update yourself daily and never forget to have enough rest because you can never can have enough of these errors in work. Always update yourself and continually do this for the rest of your life to be the best that you can ever be.

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