How to Be Smart, Even After Being Lazy for Years

The average person has the power to smarten up very quickly. Here is how you can look and be intelligent fast and easy.

The common person believes something along the lines that they are born with a certain inescapable level of intelligence. While genetics and early childhood conditioning may play a minor role in you potential for intellectual ability, the average person posses all the needed skills by default and has the power to smarten up very quickly. Here is how you can look and get smart fast and easy.

Understand that Speed is Not Intelligence

Just because your friend may be able to add 18 plus 47 in their head faster than you can does not mean that they are smarter. A speedy thinker is usually just a person who is confident, conquers their anxiety, practices often, and focuses clearly. You don't have to be a computer. If you are having problems building up confidence, rigor, and speed, simply take your time and fight back by developing deeper, more accurate conclusions on your own time.

Spice Up Your Vocabulary with Practical Words

Do you know what "stramineou", "flaxen", and "auricomous" mean? You shouldn't because few people do. They all mean the same thing: blonde. Don't learn ridiculous synonyms that nobody understands. Learn interesting words with specific definitions that are just above common use, like "subjective", "apathy", and "intrinsic". Learn words commonly used in literature that you don't know by reading books slightly above your normal reading level. These words have more precise meanings that will help you think more clearly and express your ideas with ease. Eventually, you will realize that words give you a unceasing abundance of freedom and power.

Learn New Stuff

There are two great ways to sponge up information. The first is to learn a large amount of knowledge to obtain a wide perspective. Covering multiple subjects makes you a more cultured person. Flip through Wikipedia and read up a little on every subject that has ever interested you. Why is the sea salty? I bet your friends don't know much about that. The second way is to study one subject in great detail. I don't mean memorizing pages of facts that you won't remember later. I am talking about asking serious questions about the material and scrutinizing every fact. Challenge conventions and don't be afraid to get philosophical.

Use Modern Resources

These days, the Internet is an information goldmine. Websites like have hundreds of videos to teach you anything from Calculus to Biology in a convenient, free, and easy way. YouTube hosts entire semesters of courses from famous universities like Harvard and MIT; don't miss out.

Get in School and Outside Your Major

If you aren't in high school, think about community college or a university. If you are already in college, learn subjects that very far outside of your major. Moreover, try to fully understand the subjects that bore you the most. Eventually you will realize that you can develop new interests very quickly. With the information available today, you don't need years of study and experience to be somewhat of an expert in many subjects over a short period of time.

Enjoy the Process

Learning is just another way to enjoy life and it is one of the most developed gifts that our species possesses. You don't have to change your personality or act serious all the time. Simply learn about the things that enthrall you and share them with others!

Tips & Warnings

If you don't completely understand a word used in this article, look it up. If you are still too lazy and uninterested to take a swing at a few of these ideas, consider buying reading glasses. Studies have shown that people perceive individuals with glasses to be smarter.


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