How Lying Affects the Liar

A scholarly look at the processes of lying and why it is a chosen way of living.

We lie because lying has been proven through the centuries to be a workable option in human interactions. Desires that are not only physical but unknown to the liar are also psychophysiological. What that means is that the liar sublimates the lie and his mind has to alter itself to adjust to continuing the lie. The physical and observable and recordable psychophysiological manifestations can actually be recorded on lie detector tests because Lying works in all areas where human beings interact with each other. History has countless lessons when a liar has been given great advantages in the human community, not because of his own ability or work but because his lie worked.

Many situations arise and often to tarnish another and to promote oneself or to take advantage of an event by grabbing the situation yourself with a lie is seen as a workable option by someone in a position to lie and to use his position to not even be questioned.  Lying is chosen as a way of increasing his honor and the contradiction in his mind becomes intolerable.  Not everyone is as adept in lying just like not everyone is as adept in stealing as someone else.  The requirement to making a lie work is a mind that has developed without a conscience and yet acts caring and nurturing to other people.  Some famous personalities with those traits were Adolph Hitler and others not as well known.  For the rest of us, liars who succeed do so because there is something in their personality that is attractive to people who know they are being lied to but just don't care.  A type of complicity with the successful liar is required which makes finding graft and corruption in big corporations equally difficult to access. 

The ensuing situation then becomes one of covering up the lie. Those efforts of lying on purpose reacts with adrenalin levels of arousal and are manifested in spoken, non spoken and physiological manners which can be tested much like your blood pressure.

Lie detector tests work on those premises and the ensuing

examination begins with a question isolated and called the Control Question Technique. The CQT establishes the connection between the giver of the lie detector and the responder to the lie detection test.

The physiological evidence obtained from the CQT is compared to the pretest, the actual test and determines the evaluation of lying or not lying.

For the liar who has to continue with the lie the effects of the lie on his physical conditon can be enormous affecting his neuro biological system. 


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