Fun Ways to Improve Your Memory

The reader will learn to help improve their memory in fun and easy ways.

Everyone has some type of memory problem. Unfortunately, as you get older, you lose brain cells, which cause your youthful memory to evaporate. But fortunately, there is a remedy to this problem.

Most people, no matter at what age, forget mundane things from time to time. Examples of this are: forgetting where you put your car keys or where you left your glasses, etc. These are common everyday happenings. The best solution to this problem is to either place these objects in the same place each time or make a concentrated effort to remember where you put them. Better yet, if you still have a problem, draw on your imagination. Visualize yourself placing these objects. Make it dramatic, if you have to.

If you have trouble remembering doctor's appointments or other appointments, immediately put these dates on your calendar. Make sure it's on a calendar where you have easy access to. This goes for telephone numbers and addresses. Carry a little telephone book with you. If you are at home most of the time, then have your telephone book by the phone. The same with your calendar. Make sure it's by the phone. Take a second look at your calendar. Does it have last year's year on it? Don't laugh. .At the beginning of a new year, some people have been known to forget to re- place the old calendar with the new one.

Now comes the hard part. Many people have a difficult time remembering new names. There are several solutions to this problem. One way to remember a new name when being introduced is to take a good look at that person. Repeat the name to yourself several times. You can also use the name when conversing with that person. Maybe you may know someone who has a similar name or the same. If you're conversing with someone and forget a word, save your embarrassment. Quickly think of a good substitute for the word you couldn't recall or re-arrange your sentence so you won't have to use the word or substitute word. This requires quick maneuvering.

Try to think of your own techniques that can help. Each person may find their own individual way to improve memory. Exercise your memory by daily reviewing the words or names you've had trouble with. You'll be surprised how many new names or forgotten words you can permanently remember.

You may think to yourself, who has the time to go over words and names every day? There is an easy answer to this. Think of all the times where you can do two things at one time. For example, when you are taking a shower, go over your list of the names and words that you had failed to remember in the past. You should be doing this every day. What about when you’re doing your walking for your daily walk? Go over those names and words again. Every time you have trouble remembering a word, and when it comes back to you, or if someone had to tell you what it is, put it in a special notebook. Then the next day when you take that shower, you will add this to the list.

You may have trouble having the name come quickly to you. In this case, Record those names on a tape recorder. Before you record the name, ask a question. Example: What’s the name of my mailman? Leave a pause so that you can answer it. Then wait for your recorded answer. Do this procedure with your “forget list.” This is not only a good way to remember, but also an excellent way to learn to respond quickly. Take out your recorder a couple of times a week and listen to the questions. Try to answer each question before the tape tells you the answer. This really makes you think fast.

If you do these exercises daily, or at least three times a week, you’ll be surprised to find out how many words and names you will be able to retain. Yes, as the days and months go on, there will be new words that you will falter on, but repeat this exercise with your new list. You will be surprised how this exercise can help.


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