Flowers in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretation

Discover simple interpretations to what it means to dream of flowers. Everyone wonders about what their dreams mean, this article can help identify what dreaming about certain flowers means.

Like with many other symbols in dreams, flowers are simple and easy to interpret that can give us many detailed insights into the meaning of why they have appeared in the dream state.


White flowers denote an element of purity, simplicity and connection to spiritual insights. Depending on what type of white flower is seen will determine what else there is to gain from the message. For example, Daises are a popular flower. They are considered a flower of friendship. But there is also another meaning. There is a popular reference of "pushing up daisies" when speaking about someone who has died or is in the dying process.

White roses often represent marriage or anniversaries and white Lilies, such as Calla Lilies represent weddings and marriage also.

Small little accent flowers such as those planted in large flower beds as a ground cover can represent something that is subtle, a message that is in the background or something waiting in the subconscious to be explored. It speaks of small, almost unnoticeable hints. So pay attention to the little details.


Blue flowers denote an element of calm, serenity and peacefulness. Yet depending on the hue of the flower, it can also mean many other things. A dark blue can represent depression or sadness, someone feeling the need to express their regret or remorse. A light, almost pale blue can represent a softening of mental energy or an emphasis on gentleness.

For example, a Morning Glory flower is often common in flower beds of those who are very skilled with gardening. This flower denotes someone who has disciplined a skill or is developing an area of expertise. It can also represent someone who wants to climb to the top of a social or financial ladder but it doing their best to keep things natural.

A blue rose for example has a very different meaning. It is often spoken of in stories that speak of love and partnership. Some interpretations say the blue rose represent an unattainable love. Other interpretations say the blue rose represents a soul mate connection, a love that requires making the impossible, possible and of going to the very end of a quest or purpose to obtain that love.


Purple flowers can represent passion and a sense of adventure. They can also represent someone who has reached a point of maturity and isn't afraid to shine their light, or show the world all the good they have to offer.

Soft lavender flowers represent people who are comfortable with who they are and what their identity and calling is in this world.

Purple roses often represent a mature and seasoned love or lover. They know what they want and go after it.



Pink flowers speak exclusively of love, softness, tenderness and innocence.

Pink roses can represent a youthful experience in love, a young relationship that hasn't yet been tested by time, or a relationship that is still in the honeymoon phase. It can also represent a soulful connection on a deeper level in a relationship.

Other pink flowers such as daisies can represent love in a friendship or a bubbly happy person.

Pink petunias or inpatients can represent love in a natural, almost wild, form. It speaks of someone who isn't afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve so that their love can grow and blossom naturally.


Orange flowers range in different interpretations. And like every type of flower, it's good to compare species to species to get a more detailed or exact trait.

For example, orange marigolds often denote someone who passionately defends their territory. They are often used to line the edges of gardens to detract deer and defend the area by releasing a specific aroma and scent into the air.

Orange daisies also can represent defending one's friendships and standing up for what's right in a friendly way.

Orange lilies which often grow wildly in the ditches of roads can represent being observant to all of what passes by in life. It speaks of maintaining a natural defense, even in a social world or group setting.


Yellow flowers can represent joy, playfulness and a sunny disposition.

Even though it's also an herb and a weed, the dandelion represents childlike adventure and using what is simple to heal the self.

Yellow roses can also represent fun, joy and celebration of friendship. They can also represent celebrating birth and new beginnings.


Red flowers are intense, regardless of what variety or species.

Red roses represent true passion in love; ignition of chemistry and the celebration of anniversaries or deep connections.

Red petunias can represent someone who shows their passions to the world at large, someone who isn't afraid to go after what they want in life in a public way.

Small little accent flowers that are bright and red often represent a passion that spreads like wildfire; a passion that could be an idea, movement or cause.

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