Experiencing Pre-surgery Mania? You're Not Alone.

Manic mode is kind of fun.

Manic also rhymes with panic.

Manic can turn into panic in an instant.

The onset of mania is seemingly fast and can or cannot be expected or predicted. Manic can be an organized or unorganized state.

Those of us who are experiencing mania are said to be “Maniacs”.

So be it.

I am attempting to “channel” my “inner maniac” and make this mania work for me.

In a couple of weeks I am going to be having some surgery. It will incapacitate me for a period of time. It is a weird thing for me to be an invalid in any form. Sometimes being down for a day or so is self induced from a night of too much fun. I love music. In my home town there is a band I especially love called The Dockers. The Dockers are fun, have a way of making beer go down easy with a side order of Jagermeister and then all hilarity ensues.

When I have a little too much fun, I am the next day, incapacitated. I take my self induced debilitation and suffering, mend the best I can with aspirins and sleep and go on with my life. Those types of being incapacity come from fun.

I love some fun.

I will experience some time of convalescence after surgery. This helplessness will not be as much fun as the “day after, drinking too much, dancing too much, headache, sore muscles, why did I dooooo that?” kind of illnesses that we have all suffered from time to time.

This incapacity will be longer, with discomfort and some down time.

So why do I feel like I am getting ready for something more pleasant?

My mind through mania is twisting the circumstances.

My mania prefers to think this surgery is some vacation destination to get to because there are plans made.

My mind tells me “you will be admitted.”

My mania says “reservations have been made for airline and some sort of hotel.”

I need to pack my party clothes to be ready to enjoy the fun upon arrival even though, in reality, a backless hospital gown will be all the fashion rage where I am going.

I am not really going anywhere fun and it is not going to be a vacation either!

These “reservations” were made because of necessity and put off for a long time. Who puts off any sort of vacation for as long as possible?

If it were a good vacation – no one would put it off. In my mind it is the beach. In reality it is a hospital.

My frame of mind is still the same. I have to get ready to go somewhere and want the house to be presentable upon my return.

There is absolutely no reason to expect that I would get all of my old chores done today or tomorrow or even next week.

I have been trying to get many of these things done for the last 6 months!

Even though I KNOW THIS, I am still running around trying to complete these tasks.

Painting! Ripping up carpet! Dog baths! Mopping! Sweeping! The list goes on.

What in the world would make me think I am going to get ALL of these things done now and so quickly? Something inside of me is telling me I must and will be Superman because something is happening in my life. I am leaping small paint stools, bathing dogs and packing a suit case in a single bound!

There is only one thing can produce these feelings.

That, my dear readers, is a little something called Mania.

Admit it or not, we all go through these periods.

Why in the world am I acting as if I am going to go on a trip and I want the house clean when I get back from the beach/hospital?

The answer: Mania.

Why am I doing laundry until the last sock is clean?

The answer: Mania

Why am I turning up the stereo with my favorite CDs and painting like there is no tomorrow?

The answer: Mania.

Why do the dogs have to be bathed before a particular day?

The answer: Mania.


And more mania!

If you have read anything I have written on knoji.com, you know I am a word junkie and love to check the actual definitions.

Mania is defined as: Excessive excitement or enthusiasm; crazed; often of an extreme and transient nature. Excessive or unreasonable desire; insane passion affecting one or many people at a time. This is only a portion of many definitions I found for mania and maniac.

Manias can be due to illness such as bipolar disorder or extreme stress or manifestations of life difficulties. Bipolar-type mania requires medicines and medical attention.

The specific mania I am experiencing is influencing me to mentally visualize and consider a difficult circumstance and use it as something constructive.

I have realized I am attempting to use the energy from this manic condition to accomplish more in the least amount of time. So far - so good.

The dogs think I am fun, I am productive at work, my house is cleaned and I have painted 2 ceilings and a bathroom in 2 days!

I am actually hoping I can keep the mania train going and use it more career wise. The time management abilities, focused computer usage and some excitement from a good productive mania could add a lot professionally. Think of how great it would be to bottle some of this manic energy and use it to mentally visualize and consider a difficult circumstance and use it as something constructive, as I mentioned before.

So long as the mania isn’t abusive in nature I say “Bring it on!”

What I am imparting to all fellow maniacs out there is to use your mania wisely.

If someone calls you a maniac – thank them!

Knowing the true definition of words can empower you to realize that people think being a bit manic is bad when, if channeled correctly, mania can produce good results.

The sort of mania I am experiencing is definitely the transient nature type and will most likely pass as soon as the unsettling circumstances subside.

But until then I remain a charged battery, a bolt of lightning, a painting, vacuuming, laundry doing, dog bathing MANIAC! And I couldn’t be happier!

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