Detecting Early Signs of ADHD

There are ways to detect early signs of ADHD in your children before the behavioral disorder is diagnosed by a doctor. Learn what symptoms you should be looking for.

ADHD stands for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is one of the top behavioral disorders that children have. ADHD can affect the way a think thinks and acts. There are ways to detect ADHD before it is even diagnosed.

Short Attention Span: If you feel that your child has a shorter attention span than an average child, he may or may not have ADHD. All children at times have short attention spans because they are children. However, a child with ADHD has problems watching a short television show as it is hard for him or her to stay focused. Also, many activities and games that you play may be shortened due to the loss of interest. Does it seem as if your child gets bored with what you are doing very quickly? Children with ADHD seem to want to go from one activity to another before finishing what they were originally doing.

Hyper: Most children are hyper at times. This can be due to him or her being bored and not having enough to do, or being excited about something. A child with ADHD may seem to be more hyper than others. Kids with ADHD have a hard time sitting still and don’t like to be alone as they always want someone to talk to or play with. They may get overly excited about something small and will show their expressions in a more dramatic way.

No Patience: Have you noticed your child seems to have no patience? If you repeatedly have to remind your child to not interrupt you when you are speaking to someone else this may be a sign. It is important to overlook this subject at times because most kids simply do not learn to be patient at a young age. He may also like to talk aloud during class without raising his hand first, or saying something with his hand raised before he is called on.

Again, some of these signs are sometimes just typical kids. Look for extreme behavior that is persistent. Learning the early signs of ADHD is important. It may be tricky for you to identify ADHD on your own. If you think your child has ADHD it is important to see a doctor to get it diagnosed and treated. You can greatly help your child by getting the help that he may need. There are medications and natural remedies that can reduce the symptoms of ADHD.


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