Body Language and Its Meanings

Body language and its meanings

Body language is something we all have installed in all of us, we use it every day without knowing it, and we read body language by instinct without knowing it, so what is it?

Its natures Language built into our conscious, and we have been using it even before we learned to speak, in other words it’s a non verbal communication method and its used between all the creatures on Earth.


It is conveyed by body pose, gestures, and eye movements and unless we do it on purpose it is all done subconsciously, after much research it has been suggested that between 60 and 70 percent of all communication is derived from nonverbal behaviour

Body language can provide clues to a whole host of things including aggression and pleasure attentiveness and boredom; the ability to ‘read’ body language can be very useful, if you ‘mirror’ someone else’s movements you can put them at ease it indicates that you understand them.


It is not always used to purely communicate, for example a gesture like waving or pointing helps to emphasizes what you are trying to say, touching can add encouragement or caution

Crossing your arms tends to suggest that you want to keep a small distance between you and the person you are with and if you add a blank or angry look it can indicate hostility, eye contact is very interesting, constant eye contact could mean the person is very interested in what the other is saying whereas very little eye contact could mean very little interest.


Add constant eye contact with crossed arms could indicate something is bothering the person, and that he or she wants to talk about it, if the person looks at one eye and then another and then the lips he or she has romantic feelings towards the other, so you see you can tell an awful lot from just eye contact alone.

If one person is trying to convince another he or she is telling the truth and the other person averts their gaze or touches their ear or chin then it indicates disbelieve, excessive blinking is a well-known indicator of someone who is lying also if he or she touches their face whilst talking.


Of course there are many other body gestures the purvey meanings hands on knees could mean readiness and if they are on the hips it could mean impatience, anger, if it only one hand on the hip well that could have a whole different meaning,

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