A Spiritual Growth: How to Take Criticism

Criticism will always be there wherever you are. There is a saying that goes “you could not please everybody.” With this, you need to accept that there will be people who will be against the words that you will be saying and it includes the wo

When you walk with God, you need not be afraid of these criticisms. Also, you need to face these with faith in God and with a kind heart. This article will help you understand how you are going to take criticism of other people.  

1              Moving among the wicked

Most of the time, we are often afraid to be in a group of wicked people. But, this should not be the case for these people are the ones who need to know more about God. You need to be ready when it comes to being in a group of unbelievers. If you receive criticisms, just pray, so that you will know how to respond well. Just be sure that you do not face criticisms with anger and hate since you are not cultivating the teachings of God. Whatever circumstances that you will be faced with, you need to overflow with love and compassion.

2              Do not be afraid of spiritual discussion

Whenever you will be in a spiritual discussion, you should not be afraid since God will always be with you. This is also one reason why you need to read the bible frequently so that you will know what to say during these conversations. The knowledge and understanding of the bible will help you when it comes to discussion that will test your belief about God. Keep in mind that everything in the bible is true so you will never go wrong.

3              Appreciate Critics

Critics should be appreciated since it is somehow an outlet for you to confirm the words that you preach. Most of the time, people would say something about the weak points of the words you say, but that would also be a good chance for you to stand firm on your belief and prove that what you are saying is definitely the truth. So whenever you receive some critics, do not be easily discouraged, thus use it as a means for you to grow your faith.           

4              Great is your reward in heaven if you are willing to make enemies for Jesus

Blessed are those people who are persecuted in the name of God for they will be exalted in heaven. So if you are now facing some tough challenges for your belief, then do not be frustrated since you are great in the eyes of God. A lot of people might be mocking you here on earth, but that doesn’t matter since your goal is not to please the earth. But, rather you aim to glorify God. Do your part of bringing the words of God to others and it would be up to them to accept those words of not. For them, it would be like an option to be foolish or wise.    


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