8 Little Things You Can Do Each Day to Be Happier and More Fullfilled

Things that we should think about and things maybe we should do, is discussed here.

Each and every day is a gift we have been given, so we must make the most out of it.

Maybe you believe in an afterlife, or maybe you are just a genuine person, if you try to do something good each and every day.  Trying to do something nice for someone each and every day can be rewarding to yourself as well.  It will make you feel good inside and out and it will brighten someone else's day.  Try each day to do something for someone else, even if it is just giving a smile.

You should take care of yourself, and one of the ways I do this it to take a multi vitamin every day.  Along with a multivitamin I also take supplements and herbs for diabetes, and overall health issues.  Omega 3 is so good for just about anyone on the planet, and it helps you have a fighting chance against heart troubles.  Magnesium is a good supplement for Diabetic people, because it helps you get a better regulated sugar level.  I do take extra vitamin B because it is so beneficial.  It can help promote good circulation and blood flow.   Taking care of yourself will allow you to take care of others.

Exercise, is so important for everyone these days.   Getting fit is not the main reason, but health wise exercise can help our joints, muscles and stamina.

Tell those around you how you feel.  Maybe you do not say it enough, "I love you", but you should.  None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, and we need to let those we love know it.  Take time to write it down and slip it to them, or tell them out right that you care, because life can be so cruel and it robs us of the precious moments.

Call some old friends from your past, make a lunch date or just do something with each other.  Friends should be one of the foremost things we think about.  Spending time with friends can be uplifting and emotionally good for you.  So call someone you have lost touch with or have not seen much, and make a date to spend some time together, even if for a little while.  Let them know you are still around.

If you are old or getting there and you have children, something you should think about is making a Last Will and Testament.  No One wants to think about dying but if your are a parent and you have children, you should.  You do not want there to be any question after you are gone as to who gets what of your possessions, you sure do not want the bank or state to get it.  Find a reasonable lawyer, or order the paperwork online and don't wait till it is too late.

Make a video.  Have you ever thought that the memories we leave can be lasting?  I have.  Making a memorable message to a family member or loved one would be a great gesture.  Take it outside and film, or to a favorite spot, maybe you could take the video of you singing a song or reading a book.  Whatever it is make it personal and well thought.  Wrap it up and give it as a gift to the person intended or put it safe in a bank box.  Make instructions for whoever is to receive it.  This is a great gift to someone.

Volunteering in a local pet place, old folks home, or soup kitchen is another thing you should try.  This will make your heart glow and bring you an appreciation for all you have and for those you give to.

Whatever it is you decide to do, make it memorable, or helpful and remember you must take care of yourself, before you can anyone else.


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