5 Steps to Fight Depression

Ah, my dear woeful one - tough times, like these, demand that mind/body/spirit all work together. If you lift your spirit, you will also be more likely to take care of your mind and your body. We are all one, but spirit is the conductor of our life's orchestra. No wonder you feel out-of-tune and out-of-harmony. You are depressed in spirit. The 5 simple steps I am suggesting below are geared towards fighting depression by lifting up your spirit, which, will in turn, help enhance your mood by also working your mind and your body.

1. Take one day at a time. All self-help groups worth their salt advocate living for today only. That is because while the future is uncertain, we hold the keys to our destiny. There's a scary road ahead, perhaps; the news keeps airing these bad stories, over and over, like a broken record. But you must limit your access to these fear-spreaders, and focus on where you are today. There is a lot of negative energy transmitting through the media, film, and TV shows (try to find one without at least one murder!). I refuse to watch these programs or movies, because they reinforce the dark, scary side of life. If you try to stay in the light, each day, and limit your exposure to negative people, negative popular culture, negative news, you will embark on an important first step. My advice to anxious, worried and depressed friends is to "live in the moment." Positive energy will bring positive surprises - they are often right around the corner. The Gurus suggest that saying "I am all right, right now" over and over is a good way to boost your mood and eliminate dark feelings. You also might want to write down your Sun Sign affirmation/s,  I offered in a recent factoid. Affirmations can help you stay positive and "in the moment", reminding you that your current woes are temporary.

2. Journal. Write down your fears, your worries, your state of mind, in your own private journal. Try to write daily. Sometimes depression overwhelms us because we are having trouble expressing our innermost feelings; sometimes we don't even know what these feelings are. But a journal is an excellent way to reach your conscious, and subconscious fears, which, in turn can help you move in a direction to confront  them. If you can't talk about your feelings to anyone who will listen (maybe they are tired of hearing the problems), a journal is always "there for you." Depression can lift once you open the door to expressing your fears. Once that door is open, your mind can begin to devise ways to try to improve your lot in life. Also important: Remember to write down when positive things happen for you - and to express appreciation for these positive acts and positive people. The Gurus say expressing appreciation is a certain way to lift spirit and mood. If you begin to see a pattern in your journal, you can understand what brings about hope, and what brings about fear.  This insight will move you past sadness and towards the light.

3. Exercise. Walking, running, biking, jumping rope - all excellent ways to raise your endomorphins - which are nature's mood enhancers. Spend at least 20-30 minutes a day in aerobic exercise. This is one way your body actually works to improve your spirit and your mind. If you are working your body hard, you will not be focusing on your problems, but instead, how many mile/s left to go; heart-rate, etc. This is more common sense/medical advice than psychic suggestion, but I have found that when I am out walking, I can access creative ideas and solutions to some of my problems. This subconscious access does not occur while I sit at the computer. There is something about motion that gets everything moving (mind & spirit, also). Some of my most creative intuitions come while walking, hard and fast.

4. Sleep enough. Again, a no-brainer. But perhaps you are not aware that sleeping 7-8 hours a day is required to recharge your mind, body and spirit. Many sleep-deprived people have run down their energies so completely, they can not find a way to improve their moods. More coffee and energy drinks, alcohol and drugs are not a solution. They may make depression worse. But sleep can quiet your mind, rest your body, and most importantly, bring you illumination and ideas. I often ask my subconscious to help me find an answer,to a pressing problem, in my sleep. This works! I also find that when I am sleep deprived, I have trouble tuning into my sixth sense. Sleep costs nothing - but brings valuable relief. Of course, using sleep to avoid problems can be a sign of depression. So try not to over-sleep to avoid reality. If you find you are over-sleeping instead of exercising, you don't have to be psychic to know what I suggest.

5. Burn papers. One way to eliminate depression is to eliminate anger. Sometimes depression is caused by repressed anger. I learned, through Hindu guidance, that if you write down, on a scrap of paper,  the name of a person you believe has wronged you, and then burn the paper, you will take a step towards releasing buried anger. This practice has worked for me. Although your depression may not be eliminated immediately, venting your anger will go a long ways towards releasing the positive energy you need to work on your problems. Blocked energy leads to blocked, negative feelings, i.e. depression. Eliminate as much internal anger as you can, and move forward.

There are other steps you can take - reading self-help or uplifting books, finding a scent or scents that elevates your mood (perhaps vanilla or lemon balm, also known as "Melissa"). Another step is to help someone else - either donate food to a food bank, put some change in a Salvation Army pot, bring books or toys to grocery stores collecting for shelters. Giving to others, even when you feel depleted, is another certain mood enhancer. It's a win-win: both you and the recipient prosper from your unselfishness.

Finally, there are several types of depression - some are caused by situations (loss of job, relation break-up or economic problems), some are chemical imbalances. If you suffer a chemical imbalance, you need to treat depression differently, with the help of a doctor. However, the same 5 steps I mentioned can help anyone seeking more light in the midst of darkness. Hope is a candle always lit. Once you sweep away the depression cobwebs, you can begin to see and feel the light.


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