4 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Rate

An article on how to boost your metabolism rate. The article also describes on simple method one can practice to ensure the metabolism rate is maintained for healthy living and fat burning.

Metabolism is critical for fat burning and body weight management. You can actually use some proven safe and natural methods to speed up your metabolism instead of using diet pills. Here are some of the ways.

1. Gain muscle

The more muscle you have, the more energy you can burn. Muscle is an active tissue that actually raises your metabolism automatically. The American Council on Exercise recommends resistance training to be added into your workout routine as it is a safe way to increase your metabolism rate. To ensure you are using the best out of your time at the gym, make a habit to train three days a week and practice on entire body training during each session. Doing shoulder and leg press are a few examples that you could do during your training.

2. Cardiovascular Exercise

So you don’t have the time to be at the gym. You can always head for cardiovascular exercises such as cycling, jogging and even walking. For those who are just starting, try to adapt to a slow intensity exercise such as moderate cycling and brisk walking. Once you are fine tuned into the exercise, you can start to do much more intense exercise.

3. Effect of coffee

Simply by drinking a cup of coffee, your metabolism rate is naturally raised. The caffeine in the coffee will raise the metabolism rate and at the same, improve fat oxidation. For those who are planning to work out, drinking a cup of coffee before work out will improve alertness and help fight fatigue.

4. Keep yourself hydrated

Everyone needs water in their lives. Inadequate water intake will slow your metabolism rate. Water plays an active role for several metabolic processes such as water management, digestion and temperature regulation to name a few. The recommended amount of water to be taken daily is 2 liters to ensure enough supply for the whole day. To give your body an extra boost, drinking a glass of cold water is a good choice as the body will burn extra calories by heating it up to room temperature. At the same time, water is also important as you can use to fight hunger and by simply drinking a glass of water before meals is proven to raise your metabolism rate.

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